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Police Commissioner elections: Thurrock produces lowest turnout in county

VETERAN ORSETT councillor Mike Revell often describes and decries what he calls the “Thurrock shrug”. It looks liek there was a collective one yesterday as Thurrock has recorded the lowest turnout in Essex for the election of the Essex Police Commissioner.

Only 10.2% of the electorate voted across the borough, even though it had polling stations from Aveley to Thurrock, manned from 7am to 10pm.

Uttlesford “topped” the turnout ratings with 15%.

Some after predicting that this will be the lowest turnout for an election in the UK.

Leading elections expert, prof John Curtice told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘The fundamental question is… what really are the significant choices that one can put before the electorate about how the job of PCC can be done?

Unless there are real choices, it is very difficult to persuade voters that the election is worth voting in.

The final result for Essex is expected some time this afternoon in Chelmsford.


  1. the problem was that we had no information. that made many to care who to vote for so didnt.

    I had no information given to me, all i was told was to look it up in the web

  2. lakes77 has hit the nail on the head, the campaigning by the prospective candidates has been woeful, if you did not look the candidates up on the internet then you would not even know who they were or what they were standing for, it does make a mockery of the position if the winner only gets a majority of the 13% of the Essex votes,

  3. Editor’s note

    To be fair, we interviewed each candidate and put it up on the site.
    They had a huge area to cover.
    Not that Lakes and Lambo are ever going to agree with us…….

  4. Michael, this was not a slight on your excellent reporting 🙂 but if people did not look on here or the PCC site then they would be non the wiser as to who was standing or what they were looking to do

  5. Michael again we had to go and get the information off the web, even if it was your interviewe, we had no literature sent to us…well not to my house anyway.

    Stanford we have many residents over he age of 70. not many of them would have know they had to get the information of the web, some might not even have a pc or laptop.

  6. The candidates were not provided with any funding to canvass what is a huge area. If they were confident they would get this highly-paid job, then I suppose they would have paid for it out of their own pocket.
    Some of us did not vote because we don’t agree with appointing one person to have all this power (and income, and expensive infrastructure). It needs a panel (on less money, and with wider skills) to do this job – if in fact it needs doing at all.

  7. If the truth be known none of the so called big parties wanted a large turnout, they only concentrated on their members, councillors etc: and hoped it would be enough to swing it their way, so will probably go with the party that holds the most councils in Essex?

  8. The onus should be, (in a perfect world admittedly), on the voter to do their research on the candidates, rather than on the candidates themselves to give their very biased reasons on why they should be elected. We should not be expected to be bottle fed information by people who have a vested interest in getting elected. If most voters, myself included, cannot be bothered then that’s fair enough. Policing affects us all, but what a deadly dull subject to have to learn about in order to make an informed choice.


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