Thursday, June 13, 2024

Phone mast for Chafford Hundred approved

APPROVAL has been given for a new telephone mast despite a ward councillor’s argument that it will be a “dominant, incongruous feature” and not wanted by residents.

The application for the mast came from Vodaphone, who wanted to site a 12.5m telecoms pole and associated equipment cabinet on land to the rear of Drake Court, Merlin Close, Chafford Hundred.

Local ward councillor Garry Hague, argued it would be a blight on the local landscape.

Cllr Hague was initially denied the right to speak because chair, cllr Hipsey said the proper process had not been followed for him to do so, but cllr Hague twice interjected at the start of consideration of the matter and in the end, after officers were forced to acknowledge that another ward councillor,. Simon Wootton, had given them written notice of cllr Hague’s intention to speak, he was allowed to make his point.

Cllr Hague added: “As ward members we have a duty as members to represent our residents’ concerns and they are very concerned because of its size. It is a dominant and incongruous feature in its setting that will dominate the site and most of Chafford Hundred East will see it sticking out above trees. Because of its high position it will be overbearing to the street scene and local environment – which doesn’t even mention the health concerns of residents.”

However, Cllr Hague’s argument failed to win over most of the planning committee. Two, Cllrs Barry Johnson and Barry Palmer, voted against it and Cllr Phil Anderson abstained, but six others backed the application.


  1. If you wish to continue using mobile telephones, then you will have to put up with the sight of ugly looking phone masts. Is it so very different from ugly looking TV aerials or Sky dishes?

  2. This Borough needs to hold a debate over masts with all current technical / health data being made available. (The last major Govt report still states mobile phones are bad for your health and this was written over a decade ago). The increasing use of technology requires the flow of data and booster “stations” but are masts the only solution? Getting signals in Thurrock is haphazard and from a business point of view must be frustrating. But at the sametime if the Technology companies cannot counter the old adage you will fry next to a mast then calls for mast/booster station bans from the public will continue!


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