Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Fame at Gable Hall will live forever in the memory


Review by Liam Carson

LAST week the ReAction Theatre Company displayed the true talent and potential of young people in Thurrock.

The remake of the famous ‘Fame the Musical’ took place at Gable Hall School on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday when hundreds of people flocked to support their friends and family.

Musicals are not usually my area of happiness because a lot of musicals that are put on by schools and community groups are usually lacking in conviction.

However this was not the case on Friday night where many aspiring performers were able to showcase their talent.

The musical showed passion, connection and spirit; it was a marriage made in heaven!

The performance stayed in the same vein as the famous Alan Parker film with luminous leg warmers and authentic accents.

Yes, I didn’t expect it either but the varied american accents were there; the entire main cast put on very strong accents which sounded so authentic that it was like they were played on tape.

I say the entire cast had american accents; Mrs Sheinkopf obviously had a German accent but still the accent worked perfectly and gave the musical some authenticity which you don’t get from several major films never mind school musicals!

The musical side impressed me further which I don’t say that often. I could not fault the singing of the cats as they were a unison and showed the determination and appreciation of the music to make the show a success.

The music was played via a live orchestra made up of former Gable Hall students and music teachers.

Once again it was great to see a live orchestra as in a school musical you don’t usually expect so much work to go into a small production.


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