Thursday, July 25, 2024

Ockendon Studio School Bright Sparks Project!

A GROUP of Ockendon Studio School students are looking at green issues for businesses putting forward ideas on how to reduce electricity usage by looking closely at where and how electricity is used in their school.

Hopefully these bright sparks will come up with some good ideas that can be turned into practical solutions to save the school money on it’s electricity bill and may be useful for businesses keen to save money too.

Mr King, Director of Premises at The Ockendon Academy, who also runs the Eco Club, spoke to students about why green issues were so important. He discussed why energy is being used more and more in modern life with computers, phone chargers and other electrical devices all considered ‘essential’ items but that the type of fuel we use, fossil fuels, is running out so becoming expensive.

He showed students that the Academy had already taken steps to get cheaper fuel through solar panels, the output of electricity from the solar panels is shown on a monitor in the school reception and even on a cloudy day generates electricity (see photo).

Whilst the new Ockendon Studio School building, which will open in September 2013, is designed to be sustainably heated the challenge remains how to make the existing older buildings more ‘green’. One obvious way to reduce the electricity costs is to reduce the usage. Mr King put the brief to the students to work out where and how electricity usage could be reduced.

Yvonne Evans, Employer & Community Engagement Broker, said, ”This practical project will perhaps inspire the students to be more conscious of the electricity they use as well as help the school be more ‘green’ and save money. Presenting to the Partnership Board will also be excellent experience for their future working lives.”

Students are working in teams and will be presenting their ideas to the Ockendon Studio School Partnership board in January, with the winning team being entered in the Next Top Boss initiative run by Thurrock Council. Regular updates on the progress of students will be posted on Twitter @OckendonSS and Facebook.


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