Thursday, December 7, 2023

Tories still “smell a rat’ over London borough of Thurrock

THE ITEMS on the agenda discussed joint management and shared services between Thurrock and Barking and Dagenham councils but despite the council leader laying out assurances, the Thurrock Conservatives were not convinced.

Council leader, John Kent informed a meeting of the full council that Thurrock Council would still have complete control over key services such as adult social care, education and housing but the document outlined where joint management and shared services would take place.

From a logistical point of view, many of the Conservatives were concerned that by giving officers twice as much work, only half would get done.

Cllr Tunde Ojetola noted that an officer told him they could not have a meeting as they were in Barking and there have been reports of officers keeping their “out of office” message on e-mail even when they are in the civic offices.

Tory education spokesperson raised concerns that Thurrock was sharing services with a borough that was out of step with Thurrock’s culture of moving to academies.

Independent councillor for East Tilbury, Barry Palmer told the meetings of his concerns that there may be mass migration into the borough.

There was unanimous agreement over three of the four options but the Tories voted against an option that officers should continue to develop options for both joint management and shared services between Thurrock Council and Barking and Dagenham to save at least £1m across both councils.


  1. Lets hope there are no minutes of any meeting where joint working was agreed that were attended by Conservative Councillors who then voted for this to go ahead. They would look rather stupid with their ‘London Borough of Thurrock’ warnings if certain Conservatives agreed in meetings this was a good idea and voted to support it.

  2. Ed wasnt it voted on unanimously that “joint working and shared srevices” should continue to be sought with ALL similar boroughs? it would appear to me the concerns were with Barking & Dagenham in particular, thus the “London Borough of Thurrock ” fear

  3. “Independent councillor for East Tilbury, Barry Palmer told the meetings of his concerns that there may be mass migration into the borough”

    If I’m being honest, this is my main fear with pairing us with Barking and Dagenham. I have seen the sad decline of those areas at the hands of a constant Labour council as they flooded that borough with Labour voters displaced from all the olympic site and redevelopment sites in and around Hackney. Many of these new residents have added very little to Barking or Dagenham and I really don’t want Thurrock to become another cramped, depressing borough. I’m gald the Tories are really probing into this matter.

    I will just remind you all that Barking and Dagenham has 47/50 councillors whom belong to the Labour party….no wonder why Kent and Co are more than willing to work with them.

  4. Chickenfeed – not talking about the vote at full council – but the votes at committee meetings where certain Conservative Councillors enthusiastically agreed with joint working with Barking & Dagenham and voted for it.

  5. Why would a bankrupt Council like Barking and Dagenham Want to share services with a council that has a housing service with thousands of outstanding repairs and empty properties that take months to let and a primary education service that’s third worst in the country, It’s truly baffling. Still thank god the part time chief exec is on the ball and steering the ship in the right direction.


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