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Celebrations all round as Hassenbrook students step up for awards

YEAR 11 Leavers returned to Hassenbrook Academy in Stanford le Hope this week to attend a Celebration Evening acknowledging the best results in Hassenbrook’s history. Sir Graham Bright, chair of governors and ex-head boy of the school attended the event and presented the many awards.

During the evening the students received their GCSE certificates against a backdrop of memories and yearbook images. Many received further awards for their excellence in certain subjects and for outstanding attendance. Evan Mayell received an award for an impressive five years 100% attendance with Lewis Biddle, Bradley Clarke, Akinbola Moronkeji and Tino Nyamapfene achieving three consecutive years.

Outstanding individual examination success was acknowleged for the following students who racked up an abundance of A*’s and A’s : Mary Adesina, Chloe Sebastiao, Nathan Mobbs, Aidan White, Amelia Sumun, Elliot Ward, Luke Wildish, Jack Arnett – Carrick Andrews – Dean Starkey – Sadie Nimants – Olivia Everard and Caroline Gore.

The awards for excellence in particular curriculum areas were presented for:

Outstanding Achievement in Art & Design – India Randall
Art & Design GCSE Exhibition Award – Chloe Sebastiao
Outstanding Achievement in Design & Technology – Chloe Sebastiao
Outstanding Achievement in English – Regan Barnes
Excellence in Humanities – Mary Adesina
Excellence in ICT – Aidan White
Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics – Talal Almas
Achievement in Modern Foreign Languages – Olivia Everard
GCSE Music Award – India Randall
Excellence in Physical Education – Amelia Sumun
Jacqui Burt Award for Netball – Mary Adesina

Further special awards were presented to:
Mateusz Lepek – The David Foreman Award for Achievement in the Creative Arts
Kieran McLoughlin (who performed the Pink Floyd classic Comfortably Numb) – Musician of the Year
Terence Kamara – Beryl Jones Trophy
Jacob Davies-Giles – The Samuel Knutson Award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama
Mary Adesina – The Petroplus Coryton Refinery Award for Science
Talia Mackenzie – Writer of the Year (donated by Mr P Wigington)
Luke Wildish – Service to the Academy
Luke Wildish and Chloe Sebastiao – Sir Graham Bright Award to Head Boy and Head Girl

Headteacher at Hassenbrook Academy, Mr Richard Glasby, said: “The Presentation Evening was an opportunity to celebrate the high level of success our students achieved this year. Our students should be very proud of their achievements which is a direct result of their commitment and determination to succeed. I would like to thank Sir Graham and Lady Bright for attending our special evening and sharing in our celebration.’


  1. Well Done to ALL STUDENTS.
    As to the comment above: Unfortunately Hassenbrook School Hall is not a music studio, it is not equipped with vocal mics, PA’s etc. Kieran was the first to say that he was not happy with the performance as he was not afforded anytime to check levels or sound check. However this being said constructive critisim is always accepted and considered, particularly from those who know what they are talking about. Thank you to all those who commented on the evening and since, on Kierans exceptional guitar work, as those who know do understand how difficult the solo spots are on Comfortably Numb! He cannot please everyone, and thats fine 🙂 Well Done Kieran!!

  2. Well done Kieran, you dont get musician of the year for nothing, fantasic job, showed my brother whos a massive Floyd fan, he was just as impressed, cant wait for your first Album, hope you sign it for me too.

  3. Itis a shame that some people feel the need to put negative comments on these sites-Kieran is obviously a talented and accomplished musician and should be congratulated on his achievement. well done Kieran

  4. Theres NO shame in being honest.
    Taken all the comments on board ok he was only a student but for someone to be awarded musician of the year maybe i had higher expectations.
    From what i heard and saw my opinion is he performed to the backing track so his performance might have been different if not., Also you cant realy blame Equipment when i saw “Marshall Equipment” on stage known as the best in audio products. Maybe something a bit easier and more rehearsed might have been more suitable? It was a Poor Cover of Pink Floyd so i am sorry you feel negative but Hassenbrook School Stage is where Hundreds have performed over 40+ years without complaint ! Good Try but i wont be buying the Album sorry.

  5. Jesus Christ saveourstanford – it’s not about NO shame to be honest but more about being mature, adult and fair with one’s ‘ constructive ‘ criticism and not about unnecessary and DEstructive attacks on young aspiring musicians – or young aspiring anyone for that matter. That IS shameful and I hope one’s head is bowed in said shame about the comment of ‘ awfully done ‘ – which it most certainly was not. It may not have been the best ever covered version of C Numb ( and I’d be the first to honestly tell Kieran it was not good if true – but more kindly ) but – forgive me – but wasn’t it performed alone ( and to a backing track is actually quite tricky ) .. to a large / important audience ( nerves thus naturally applying ) .. by a young man / teenager ( not an adult Pink Floyd Lead Guitarist of many years standing ) .. and ( by the way ) Marshall Amps ARE great but the best equipment is next to useless if one cannot do adequate sounds-levels checks as apparently was the case ( know your Music facts methinks and I speak as a gigging musician of many years experience used to sound-checks hiccups ! ). As is using any good equipment if not allowed to set it up correctly. I note you post your invective anonymously too – very brave. In contrast, for my totally upfront record, my name is Gary and Yes – I do know Kieran well .. I know how talented musically he has become over the last 3 years as he has attended my local EssexROCKademy Rockschool .. I also know how he has progressed from student with me to tutoring for me ( which is very rare as I’m very very choosy on my tutor-quality ) .. and I have seen him mature from a shy-ish young teenager covering that up with teenage bravado to a real nice young man struggling to make his way ( and he will – believe me on this ) in the harsh and competitive music world. I’ve also seen him do this C Numb number brilliantly / better under different and less demanding situations. Anyway .. Good Luck Kieran in your musical quest and do not get angry with these comments .. get even instead by further perfecting your craft .. plenty others will buy that eventual album I am sure. I really do despair of some people sometimes !

  6. Some very piquant observations from the cowardly Save Our Stanford. With such positive people like you around I think you are fighting a bit of a lost cause in your quest !! Meanwhile I am sure you will be delighted to hear that Kieran is doing very nicely at one of the top music schools in Europe with a likelihood of starting a degree a year early. Oh and as for not buying the album. I’m sure he can live with that. Put your £12.99 into something else. I would recommend the book “How to win friends and influence people” as a worthwhile read. You could of course buy a bottle of red to force you into a smile but alas I fear there are enough sour grapes in you already 🙂

  7. Apologies. I forgot to add very well done to all students and also to Hassenbrook School for a record set of results.

  8. Save our Stanford, it is not that I feel negative at all about Hassenbrook School Hall. What is very sad is the negativity you project towards my son. There were no “excuses” to his performance, just the truth. I am thrilled you acknowledge that he will record music, and that his future is one that has an oppurtunity to sell albums. He is talented but not conceited which means your remarks are taken on board and that he will never perform anywhere without being afforded sound checking and run through. Yes he does have a Marshall Stack, yes musicians before him have played after winning the Musician of the Year, these muscians include two very good friends of his that hold Kieran as a fellow muscian in good light. So now to close, we have all had our say, Kieran will not please 100% of the worlds population with his exceptional talent but I am proud of who he is as a person, how he conducts himself with others and I know whole heartedly he would never use such callous unconsidered remarks that would put someone down. His crime was to win an award at school that he worked hard to schieve which he very rightly deserved.

  9. Hello everyone. Firstly, thank you to everyone who posted positive feedback. I really appreciate that! I’d like to congratulate saveourstanford on a well conceived argument which took place bravely through their computer screen. I acknowledge that this wasn’t my best, but to describe it as “awful” either shows arrogance or jealousy. Yes, I do own a Marshall stack. A round of applause for stating the obvious. Nice to see that such a knowledgeable musician could even point out the Gibson Explorer I’m using too! You must be such a know it all. I’d love to meet up and jam with you! I find your username ironic tbh. “Saveourstanford” oh yes, I’ll save the community by being an ass towards local musicians. That will save the community! The only thing that this community needs saving from is people like yourself. Arrogant, nasty, unnecessary people who have nothing better to do than put down local creativity. However, I also find yourself quite contradictory in saying I’m awful yet you are sure I’ll be producing albums. Wow, I’m flattered! At 16 having a total stranger post that I’ll make albums. Thank you very much! You’re feedback has been most helpful.

  10. If that is how you feel and you cant take some Feedback without getting to upset i am sorry for you, I just judged you on that One performance i am no music teacher or your parent but if it was your first attempt at this then i might have understood, But to perform it in front of large / important audience you said and you admitted it was not your best i would have chosed another.
    As for the persanol remarks re username I attend Stanfest every year and support the community, you may have never met me so calling me Arrogant & nasty is realy a bit out of order. You are right i wont purchase the album that tony assumes wil be £12.99 I think you might struggle getting the 99p store to stock it if the contents is the same standard as your performance that ONE evening.
    So all that leaves is to say Good Luck for the future .
    End Off Full Stop.

  11. It is now time to stop this as it is getting personal and it is distracting the positives of of evening. It is unecessary to remark so heavily on a young musician and noticibly no-one else had the same view point. But each are allowed their opinion but perhaps, in future, some maybe a little more considerate where they view it so pubilicaly and about who, legally, is still only a child. May I suggest though, when Kieran appears again at the Stanford Music Festival you may want to put your ipod ear phones in so we can avoid this unpleasant assault I see on here.

    A message to Kieran, keep going! you know that The Institute of Contemporary Music judge you everyday and you know they have awarded you distinctions in your performance and musical ability exams …. and they should know xxx Yes I am a very proud parent 🙂


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