Monday, March 4, 2024

Let’s Talk about the budget

LOCAL people are again being asked to vote of council savings proposals and maker their own, as Thurrock launches another Let’s Talk cmpaign.

Thurrock Council Leader, Cllr John Kent, told Wednesday (28 November) evening’s meeting: “A month ago, I said we would be launching a new chance for local people to get involved in our budget-setting process and I am pleased that tonight I can announce Thurrock’s Budget – Let’s Talk is live online again.”

People can look at proposals and put forward their own suggestions by logging on to and following the links.

Cllr Kent said: “Two years ago we had a tremendous response to this type of discussion with hundreds of staff and thousands of local people putting forward new proposals and voting on them.

“Members of each of the overview and scrutiny committees have now looked over savings proposed by officers and are making their views known.

“Now it is the time for local people to have their say, to look at what we are already proposing and to put forward their ideas.

“At the moment the site just has the proposals which have already been considered by overview and scrutiny, but I’m really hoping the people of Thurrock will again put forward many great proposals we haven’t thought of.

“And this time, Let’s Talk will not just be examining the immediate needs of the council. We will have to make savings over at least the following three or four years, so longer-term ideas are also being sought and the website will remain live and updated as long as needed.”


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