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Warning signs detailed at honour-based abuse seminar

THE HORRORS of Honour Based Abuse and the warning signs to look out for were top of the agenda at a series of seminars organised by the Thurrock Community Safety Partnership.

Newly elected Essex Police and Crime Commission Nick Alston was one of the visitors to the Honour Based Abuse seminars on Tuesday (November 27). The sessions formed a key part of Thurrock’s support of 16-days of action (, the international campaign which highlights the issue of Violence against Women and Girls.

Honour Based Abuse includes forced marriage, female genital mutilation and violence. Attendees at the event heard about examples of these abuses including the case of Banaz Mahmood who was killed by her family in South London in 2006 for “dishonouring” her family. She had warned police she feared for her life just two weeks before she was murdered.

Former police officer and trainer Sally Goldfinch , discussed the key triggers that can lead to incidents of Honour Based Abuse. She also described the signs attendees, fellow professionals and front line workers should look out for to identify cases and individuals at risk.

At the event Sally said: “All agencies need to be able to spot the signs and know how to deal with incidents, mismanagement can lead to serious harm and even murder.”

The seminars were hosted by Thurrock Council’s portfolio holder for Public Protection, Cllr Angie Gaywood and portfolio holder for Adult Social Care and Health Cllr Barbara Rice.

Cllr Gaywood said: “These horrific stories highlight the plight of some young women in our own country who suffer at the hands of their families. These incidents are not acceptable in any culture and in Thurrock we are committed to raising awareness so alarm bells would ring to help prevent a case like this in our borough.”

Cllr Rice added: “It is up to every one of us who comes into contact with families and particularly young women who may be at risk, to ensure the right support is available. By educating through events like this we can help get the message across that these are criminal acts and help is there for anyone who is in fear.”


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