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Tilbury Manor primary: a ghost school in three years?

BACK IN September, YT filmed the open evening at the Gateway Academy Free School. As the school had only been open for a couple of weeks and only had a year six intake, we were expecting a little trickle of students.

We were amazed that there were 64 students. Our immediate question was: where have they come from?

The answer is as follows:

Manor: 19
Herringham Primary:3
Stifford Primary: 1
Lansdowne Primary:10
Woodside Primary:12
Chadwell St Mary Primary:6
Thameside Primary:3
East Tilbury Juniors:3
Quarry Hill Primary:2
Little Thurrock Primary:4
Arthur Bugler Juniors:1

TOTAL from 11 schools: 64

The real concern in some quarters is that Manor primary school in Tilbury will be the real loser as the Free School is set to grow and grow and grow.

What may concern taxpayers is that the school has had a large chunk of money invested in it and whilst the school’s results have improved, this may be a case of throwing money on the fire as the school is hurtling for exodus after exodus after exodus.

The matter will be discussed at tonight’s (Tuesday) meeting of the admissions forum.

One of the questions may be and it may not be for the admissions forum, is what is the school doing to promote itself?

A check on google shows a holding website called but it announces the website is coming soon. The announcement is dated: Feb 2010.

With no website, no publicity and no apparent marketing structure, you would worry for the future of the school.

YT did send an e-mail to the council in September, highlighting this matter. We have not received a reply.


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