Purfleet’s community celebrates One Thurrock

PUPILS at Purfleet Primary School gave a clear message to their community that bullying is wrong, at a special event hosted at the school.

The event celebrated the diversity of the community and focused on the message that everyone – whoever they are and wherever they are from – are all “One Thurrock”.

Following on from November’s nationwide Anti-bullying Week pupils entertained the crowds with performance poetry, songs and dance around the anti-bullying theme. The poems had been written in school during work to tackle bullying, and dances devised as part of workshops with the Royal Opera House based in Purfleet.

Headteacher Debbie Henley said: “I am so incredibly proud of all our children. Following Anti-bullying Week they have created their own wonderful poems with some very serious and touching messages. This has not only been an important event for the school but the parents and the whole community. I am delighted by the turn out and hope everyone enjoyed it and took home some of the “One Thurrock” messages.”

Refreshments were provided by ‘mocktails’ mixed by pupils. Parents and other visitors also enjoyed information displays from a variety of Thurrock Council teams, community groups and emergency services.

Thurrock Council’s portfolio holder for Public Protection Cllr Angie Gaywood said: “This wonderful event with young people at the heart reminds us that we must and can get along together and work to create a community with a heart and a common goal. Purfleet Primary has done a great deal of work around anti-bullying and it was great to see that message extended to those outside the school.”

Information and advice included the importance of smoke detectors and dangers of false 999 calls. Trading Standards and Housing officers offered advice around loan sharks and Thurrock’s Essex Savers net Credit Union as details of how Anti-social Behaviour is being tackled and how to report any incidents to the Community Protection Team.

Support and information around drugs and alcohol was provided by Oasis and other community and voluntary groups displaying included, the RSPB, Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions for people with learning disabilities and TRUST.

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