Monday, May 27, 2024

Ockendon councillor makes appeal to rail commuters

An OCKENDON councillor is appealing to commuters who park their car near the station to consider the residents when they park.

Conservative councillor, Lynn Carr, said there is a real problem on the Flower’s Estate, especially streets like Rosemary Close.

Cllr Carr has pointed to dangerous parking and inconsiderate parking, that is blocking access for emergency vehicles and refuse lorries.

Cllr Carr said: “A large number of residents are writing to cllr Barry Johnson and myself, exasperated as well as concerned about the commuter parking on the Flowers Estate.

She added: “I have asked the council’s enforcement teams to attend on several occasions to deal with dangerous parking, and vehicles obstructing access for refuse collection and the emergency services.

“However, there is also lots of parking that the council can’t do much about – for example, commuters parking in resident’s spaces.

“It’s commuters who need to do more to ensure they park in a way that doesn’t affect local residents.

“Many commuters already do so, but some need to be more considerate.”


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