Outrage at A13 drivers who drove wrong way to escape gridlock

IT HAS and continues to be a terrible time on the Thurrock roads. Every day, there seems to be a serious collision of some shape or description.

On Saturday afternoon, the London-Bound A13 was shut off after what transpired to be a fatal road traffic collision.

However, dozens of drivers created further risk to lives by deciding to do the following.

Drivers decided to leave the A13 by driving the wrong way up the ramp that takes you down onto the A13 from Grays/North Stifford.

One YT viewer was at the scene and described the drivers as “insane and ignorant in the extreme.”

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “These drivers’ behaviour was totally irresponsible, with no consideration about the possible consequences.

“Police officers were dealing with a fatal accident and are dismayed that motorists think they can break the law, to save themselves some time.”

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