War of words between Thurrock Council and Europa

A WAR OF words has broken out between Thurrock Council and their strategic partner Europa over the thorny issue of housing repairs.

Europa have launched an investigation after a twitter account, in the name of one of their senior officers, David Crowley, sent a tweet to the leader of the Thurrock Conservatives, cllr Phil Anderson, which read.

“Very concerned Thurrock resident-seeing many years dedicated service by long standing council officers ruined by 1 interim.”

He had sent the tweet in a response to a tweet from cllr Anderson that hoped that debates housing issues would focus on repairs and not the blame game.

YT asked Mr Crowley to clarify who he was referring to but he replied: “Speaking in personal capacity.” and promptly took his twitter page down.

Feelings have been running high on the top floor of the council offices since the collapse of the Morrison housing repairs contract.

This has been coupled with the introduction of new housing boss, Barbara Brownlie, who, YT understands, has been undertaking a root and branch analysis of costings and value for money for housing repairs.

She has been backed by equally assertive, portfolio holder, cllr Val Morris-Cook who, in a series of high profile press releases has stressed the need for a modernised and competitive housing department.

YT asked Thurrock Council if all was well between themselves and Europa.

A spokesperson said: “The council recognises the benefits of strong partnerships as a means of delivering services to residents in a cost-effective, efficient and transparent way.

“It also recognises it continuing obligation to ensure the best possible use of funding available is secured to provide a wide range of services. The council’s partnerships are managed in a way that ensures this continues to be the case.”

A spokesperson for Europa pledged to look into the tweet.

He said: ““Any social media activity by individuals does not represent the company. A full internal investigation is being undertaken into this particular instance.”

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