Friday, March 24, 2023

Boxing: Joy and pain for Chadwell boxers

TWO very talented Chadwell St Mary A.B.C boxers were picked to represent Essex Amateur Boxing Association in the Essex V North West London county match held at Hayes Boxing Gym in Middlesex recently.

Lance Toussaint 20yrs 64kg and Shaun Clark 10yrs 33kg. Clark had his first skills bout in preparation of being carded to enable him to compete in amateur boxing from January when he has his eleventh birthday. The very talented Clark who has been training hard in preparation to box, displayed a very mature performance against the much taller M Moriaty from Hayes A.B.C .

Clark could not miss his opponent with the advanced combinations of punches that he threw. As it was purely a skills bout with no winner or loser Head Coach Scot Johnston instructed Clark to sit back and just play with his opponent and show of his class. The loveable Clark put on a real show including the well timed Ali shuffle winning over the crowd and officials. Next on the programme to box for Team C.S.M was Toussaint
who proved to be far to strong and dominated the bout from the bell. Toussaint non stop connected very hard blows with his back hand and well timed uppercuts that the referee stopped the competition as Walsh from Dale Youth A.B.C was unfit to continue. Toussaint earned himself an extra award and was presented with boxer of the night.

On Saturday 17th November boxers Sweden Gold Medalist Shea Nightingill 16yrs 53kg and Shaun Clark boxed on the Berry A.B.C show at the James Hornsby School in Laindon. Nightingill outclassed C Nicholson of Berry A.B.C by using the ring and jabbing away at the much shorter stockier home boxer.

Clark once again went out and displayed a fine array of skill for a boxer of such a young age that the referee this time requested that Clark hold back on power and once again the very young team member played to the crowd and displayed the footwork of a pro finishing once again with the Ali shuffle. The coaching team of Chadwell St Mary were smiling from ear to ear with both boys performances.

The smiles were soon to be wiped from their faces the following day when the club travelled to Norwich with Boxer Ben Davey 19yrs 54kg who was through to the national quarter finals of the Senior Novice Championships. Boxer Davey has trained very hard in preparation for the championships and boxed out of his skin mixing his style picking off his opponent on his back foot and then pushing back his rival in a very fast paced bout. The corner did not even use the stool as super fit Davey even stood in breaks between rounds. The whole hall was in total shock when the decision was finally given after quite a delay on a majority to his opponent K England of Bideford A.B.C (Devon). The referee said he had to check the slips several times as he could not believe what he was seeing and coach Scot Johnston was devasted with the result he said Davey is a winner and proved to be ready to be entered into the “Elite Senior A.B.A’s” later in the boxing season.


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