Saturday, April 1, 2023

Taxpayers Alliance slam council officers attempts to conceal pay

THE TAXPAYERS Alliance has slammed attempts by top Thurrock Council senior officers to conceal the amount they are paid.

Thurrock Council publish the positions and salaries of senior officers on their website but cannot publish the names of officers without their permission.

YT understands that three officers declined to allow their names to be published.

A spokesperson for the Taxpayers Alliance said: “Well-paid bureaucrats should not try to keep their salaries secret from the people picking up the bill.

“Senior officers pay deals now have to be disclosed in council accounts thanks to our campaigning.”

The published list identifies over thirty officers earning over £60,000 a year.

Whether there will be thirty this time next year is a moot point. One of the consequences of sharing services with Barking and Dagenham Council may be a reduction in officers at this level.

The full list of officers and their pay can be found in the Thurrock Enquirer.


  1. Should officers not want to publish thier names that is an individual decision the idea that the Tax Payers Alliance thinks it can bully staff to declare thier names or suggest these roles are not value for money is silly. Also clearly if services are shared it does not mean that the number will go down. it may go up, but overrall the number of staff across both councils may go down. Shared services will bring about savings in costs etc. Also does YourThurrock have a link to this list?

  2. i see a lot of when the Council says if you have not got nothing to hide what’s the problem what’s the problem know that’s Thurrock’s down fall back handlers

  3. As the council is a public service and the salaries are taken from the public purse then personally I feel the public has a right to know who is getting what, why these senior councilors are hiding is beyond me, maybe they have something to hide or maybe they may be found out by the public that they are not earning their keep??


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