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Thurrock MP message to residents looks to challenges of 2013

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle-Price has written to many of her residents to not only wish them a happy christmas but update them on a number of issues that affect the constituency.

Ms Doyle-Price said:

“As we are approaching the end of a busy year, I thought I would update you on a number of campaigns which I have been running and to invite your support where it will make a difference.

Firstly, George Osborne has now confirmed that the Government will make funding available to commence the improvements to Junction 30 of the M25. It is unable to start straight away as there are not any shovel ready plans yet, but I am pleased to say that after a lot of lobbying we have finally achieved a breakthrough. At £150m this is the most expensive junction improvement project ever and will make life much easier for Thurrock’s motorists as well as encouraging more jobs and growth by making our road network work better. I am really grateful that the Prime Minister and the Chancellor have agreed to find the money to start it as soon as possible.

The debate regarding additional river crossings will recommence next year. In the absence of any crossings between Dartford and Blackwall, we will continue to be plagued by congestion on the Thurrock road network. There will be a new crossing at Silvertown which will make a real difference. As for a lower Thames crossing, I am quite clear-any new crossing must not add to congestion in Thurrock; it must alleviate pressure at Dartford; and it must not lead to the construction of more motorways in Thurrock. However, it is clear that this question cannot be ducked for much longer if we are going to keep the traffic moving. I will keep you informed.

The campaign for a new free school in Chafford Hundred continues. I am really pleased that so many parents have given their support and I am grateful to Harris for stepping up to the plate to pull together the bid. There is still time for anyone who will have a child starting school in September 2014 to sign up and register their interest in attending the school. Similarly, for those children who started school this year but would benefit from a place in a Chafford School we are taking expressions of interest for them too. Please get in touch if you are interested. After years of talk about the lack of school places on Chafford we are now able to just get on and do something about it thanks to the policy of Free Schools.

As you will be aware, expanding the number of apprenticeships is central to our strategy for equipping people with good skills as well as tackling the long standing problem we have with our unemployment. It is working, this month youth unemployment fell to below 1million, still too high, but moving in the right direction. The expansion of apprenticeships has gone a long way to achieving that, but we still need to encourage more businesses to join in. To show your support, please sign up to my campaign at .

Finally, if you are fed up of receiving texts and phone calls from companies offering to get you a PPI refund, then please get in touch. I am leading the charge in Parliament to get more effective regulation of these companies who are both a menace and a rip off. I would be pleased to hear any stories you may have of your dealings with these companies so that we can look in to them.

Once again I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


  1. Interesting about JDP’s apparent change of stance about a big NO to the new Thurrock crossing near Chadwell St Mary, Orsett and Bulphan then!
    Happy New Year!

  2. I’m pretty sure Jackie has always been against the proposed new cossing through Thurrock. This is one thing that all our local and national politicians have all agreed on for ages.

  3. We are deluding ourselves to think that a lower Thames crossing will not come once London Gateway Port is fully active. Landing East of Gravesend and joining M2 / A2 – M25 approach and landing East of Chadwell to Orsett Cock / Corringham or East of Tilbury linking up with Dock approach Road in Little Thurrock. Alternatively London Gateway to Corringham / Stanford / Horndon Hill link with A13. Just hope I am not around.

  4. I think Vince63 is right, once the port is being fully utilized there will be a need for another crossing, it will be interesting to monitor these developments in the coming years and see where exactly will have the major impact

  5. Looking at the gridlock on the roads around Thurrock it is inevitable there will be new roads and motorways around Thurrock. Jackie Doyle-Price sounds like King Canute by parroting the ‘No New Motorways’ in Thurrok’ soundbite.

    As for Jackie’s lobbying making the breakthrough of £150 million being spent on Junction 30 of the M25 – she is of course being disingenuous with her claims – Dubai Ports are providing £200 million for road improvements around Thurrock and Basildon including Junction 30 of the M25 – so nothing to do with Jackie’s lobbying and everything to do with the scheduled funding being made available by Dubai Ports to allow work to commence.

    When will the West Thurrck Regenration Ring Road/Westrn By-Pass ever be completed? This scheme must have been started 15 years ago. All attempt to complete the final stretch have ground to a halt because of lack of funding – perhaps Jackie would lobby her Government for funding to complete the job?

  6. Hiring Local Firms to complete infrastructure issues would be a great boost for 2013.
    Happy New Year – lets hope 2013 is better for all.


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