Lakeside uses its head with donation to hospital

CHRISTMAS can be a difficult time of year for those who can’t be at home with their families and will spend time in hospital, so Lakeside Shopping Centre has donated £500 to Southend Hospital to give patients access to entertainment and information this festive season

The money from Lakeside paid for new head sets that patients can use to tune in to the hospital radio station as many wards aren’t able to offer them access to a TV. The donation also paid for new placemats providing patients with important information about the wards to be printed.

The donation came from Lakeside’s Heart of the Community fund which has supported local charities and good causes all year. By donating £500 to two local causes every month, a total of 24 separate groups – all nominated by members of the community – were supported during the 2012 campaign.

Izzie Peskett, Lakeside’s Marketing Manager, comments: “The team at Southend Hospital do a wonderful job caring for local families and we felt that it was important to support them, especially at this time of year. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to help so many diverse and deserving groups this year through our Heart of the Community campaign and hope we’ve made a real difference.”

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