Polly slams Tories over 8,500 working Thurrock families “made poorer” by benefit changes

LABOUR research has revealed that over 8,500 working Thurrock families have woken up today poorer due to the benefit changes voted in last night (Tuesday).

Benefits including: Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, Elements of housing benefit, Maternity allowance, Sick Pay, Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay, Adoption Pay, Couple and lone parent elements of working tax credits and the child element of the child tax credit will all be capped at 1%.

Prospective parliamentary candidate for Labour, Polly Billington said “There are thousands of Thurrock families in recipt of working tax credits in Thurrock, who will all find their income squeezed becasue of the decision by George Osborne to stop them rising in line with living costs.

“I’m on the side of people who work and want to work: the question is whose side is Jackie Doyle Price on?

“By voting for this real terms cut in the support working people get – including maternity allowance and child tax credits, she will deliberately making thousands of her own constituents worse off.

“The welfare bill doesn’t have to be sky high, if this government put people back to work rather than forcing families to pay for their failure.”

But when Channel 4 interviewed commuters at Grays railway station on Tuesday morning opinion was mixed with some commuters backing minister Ian Duncan Smith.

One commuter said: “Why should I get up every day, off on the train to the city when there are those who sit at home all day. It is not fair.

‘I will tell you one thing. I will never vote for Labour again.”

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