Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Thurrock No. 2 on UK list for Labour

THE LABOUR PARTY in the UK have placed the constituency of Thurrock, no.2 on their list for the next general election. published a list of 106 battleground seats that they wanted to win back from the Conservatives.

No 2 is Thurrock which Jackie Doyle Price won in May 2010 by a majority of 92. The seat would require a 0.1% national swing

South Basildon and East Thurrock (SBET) (held by Stephen Metcalfe) sits at no.98 and would require a 6.5% national swing.

Labour have had their candidate, Polly Billington in place in Thurrock for over a year but have still yet to select a candidate for SBET.


  1. I don’t think that without any doubt, if a general election was called now, Labour would be elected in Thurrock.

  2. She’s a cert to win. They’ve been bussing their supporters in in their thousands. All white working class people take note. You’ve been condemned to a life of low paid employment becasue of Labour’s polcies on flooding the country with cheap labour and giving big business exactly what they wanted. And the Tories won’t do anything to stop it.

  3. You’d have thought they were certs to win Ockendon this year, what with Polly’s bff Ed Milliband coming down, but hey ho, people know what they want. Even if Labour make a hundred gains, there would probably be a seat in the easiest 20 that they wouldn’t take, such is politics. Let’s not anoint Polly yet…

  4. Labour will probably win Thurrock but this is not through hard work and clear policies but more from the normal human reaction to hardship, people are worse off at the moment due to the sweeping changes by the ConDems which were required due to the damage done to the economy by the mismanagement by the last labour government; however, people do not look at the reasons behind the issues and will vote in any party that says they will provide more, unfortunatley the Labour party will be forced to continue with the deep cuts or sink this country even further into debt.

    Time will tell but I cannot see any party getting into power and halting the cuts in the next two parliaments……..


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