Warning after six taken ill with carbon monoxide poisoning in Tilbury

OVERNIGHT the Essex Fire Service attended two incidents in which people had suffered the effects of carbon monoxide.

In the first six people in Tilbury were taken ill with carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a coal fire.

In the second an 81 year-old woman in Wendens Ambo also suffered the effects of breathing in carbon monoxide.

In both cases crews used a positive pressure ventilation fan to clear the gas from the property.

In the current cold weather many homes will be bringing out extra heaters to provide extra warmth and it is vital that everyone makes sure that they are safe from the dangers posed by carbon monoxide.

A spokesman for ECFRS said: “Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a serious threat and if people don’t make a special effort to look out for the signs or equip themselves with an alarm then it is very easy for it to go undetected until it is too late.

“The symptoms of poisoning are very much like those people suffering with flu or food poisoning would have so it’s not uncommon for people to stay in their home, where the dangerous leak is, treating themselves for these illnesses and not getting the leak fixed.

“The symptoms to be aware of are a shortness of breath, mild nausea and mild headaches. If you are suffering any of these symptoms then check to make sure there is no leak in your home.

“Carbon Monoxide detectors will warn people of any danger and every home should have one. It is also vital to have all work on gas appliances done by a Gas Safe registered gas fitter and to carry out regular checks to appliances and flues.”

Signs to look for which warn of a Carbon Monoxide leak:

– Yellow or brown staining around appliances
– Pilot lights frequently blow out
– Increased condensation inside windows
– Yellow rather than blue flame
– If you are suffering shortness of breath, mild nausea, mild headaches or flu like symptoms

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