Friday, April 19, 2024

Members to meet in bid to purchase Pegasus Club

AT a meeting to be held on the 29th January at 7.30pm, a buyout scheme will be put forward to the members to purchase the Pegasus Club in Herd Lane, Corringham.

The members believe that this is now their only option to save their 1300 full members (3500 with their families) who use the sports and social club after the Thames oilport bid which would have left the club in trust was turned down by Price Waterhouse Coopers (administrators) in December.

A number of issues will be discussed at the meeting.

The meeting will discuss where they are right now; what the options are; what possible barriers are in their way.

They may also discuss concerns over any planning applications for the area.

A spokesperson said: “The building of a football stadium on the Pegasus club would completely destroy our club grounds.

Our clubs Executive committee have unanimously decided to have no dealings with East Thurrock Football Club, but we cannot speak for all our members and this will be on the agenda at our Members meeting on the 29th January.

“Maybe they should look to build their new stadium on the land next to the Billet pub in Billet Lane I am quite sure the Council will let them.

“We already looking at funding to improve our facilities ie. Lottery, Sports foundation.”


  1. Its a joke when these situations arise and MONEY drives everything, what about the community, for the administraters to turn down the opportunity for the club to continue and remain a sporting hub in the community, it’s pretty obvious they had an alternative more lucrative option, come on TBC planners stop the rape of our community, by those driven by greed.


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