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Blogpost-Kimberly’s blog: Gibraltar and the ready meals….

Blog entry by Kimberly Mackinnon

YT interviewed Purfleet resident, Kimberly Mackinnon recently as she prepares to embark on a three month venture in Ethiopia.

Kimberly has started a blog to chronicle her journey. Although she has not left yet, it is home that Kimberly starts at and finishes…….

“Some people are just lucky in love; I like to think that is the case with my Steve and I. We were teenage sweethearts and after being together 6 years we got married in 2011. The icing on the cake when we got married was that he supported my desire to keep my maiden name and took a very unusual choice of changing his so that we were unified by name- as you can imagine for a man to relinquish his name to take that of his wife opens up a whole new can of worms in terms of opinions of such a choice. This solidifies not only that as long as we are a couple we can overcome anything, but that he truly does feel part of my family.

Since we tied the knot it has been a whirlwind of changes in our lives, from buying our home, travelling the world, to changing jobs and in my case leaving my job entirely.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, nothing I do would be quite as enjoyable if it weren’t for the support of my husband, for me he is the metaphorical rock that so many people look for in life. Support comes in so many forms, and he displays all of them at all times. Emotional and financial support is invaluable in all relationships, I am lucky enough to have a husband and family who do not think twice to provide either of these things if I or we need it.

I find myself so wrapped up in my plans for travelling that when people gasp at me in reply to the information that I am going away without my husband for three months, I have to stop and think. I will be off on an adventure, meeting new people and trying new things, but it is him that will have to come home to an empty house, and eat alone most nights. At what cost to our relationship will my trip be? I hope there will only be a positive effect, and that most certainly he will come to see that even if I am not around he has a network of friends and family will rally round him if he needs it. As they say, absence makes the heart grow stronger.

Just to be on the safe side, to ensure that he survives while I am away, I have been busy making home cooked meals and freezing them – something I consider to be a bit of a comfort at least. As I know he has a terrible memory, I have also organised things for all the birthdays and events that I will miss while I am away. So, when something slips by him he won’t feel guilty as at least I prepared everything! My friends and family have strict instructions to keep him amused for the next few months, if anything he will be busier than ever while I am away!


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