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Politicians embroiled in bitter war of words over Pegasus Club

IT WAS supposed to be quite a simple issue. The Pegasus Club in Herd Lane, Corringham was part of Petroplus. Petroplus went into administration.

That has far reaching consequences for the club, i.e: Can they find a buyer or perhaps can they buy it themselves?

East Thurrock United football club, who play along the road, has expressed an interesting in buying the sports club. Their plans are part of the Local Development Framework (which the council approved last month).

But these plans don’t appear to sit well with the Pegasus Club.

Nor do they sit well with local Conservative councillor, Mark Coxshall.

Infact, councillor Coxshall has questioned the role of the president of East Thurrock United, who is also the leader of Thurrock Council (cllr John Kent).

Cllr Coxshall said: “Talk of moving the football club to the site is ridiculous. I’m sure the people running the football club would love to build a new stadium on the Pegasus Club’s grounds, but that would be a disaster.

“I support the ambition of East Thurrock United to move to better facilities, but not at the expense of the Pegasus Club.”

Cllr Kent has defended his position.

Cllr Kent said: “If I go to the football, people will say I am trying to further the position of the club, just like they would if I got involved in a theatre, club or any local organisation.

“I can’t let that sort of accusation get in the way.

“I have removed myself from discussions at every opportunity. Everything has been open and above board.”

The secretary of East Thurrock United, Neil Speight, has made a robust defence of the club’s president.

He said: “To suggest any impropriety by East Thurrock United FC or John Kent is extremely unfair, untrue and probably actionable were he or we so minded.

“East Thurrock United and, I am sure, John, have no wish to add to the Pegasus Club’s troubles.”

He added: “We do not wish to take over the Pegasus Club, we wish to work with it and secure the future. “However, we are fortunate enough to have access to funding required to purchase the site through our owner.”


  1. It certainly does look very suspicious from a lay persons view, we have the Leader of the council who is a member of the football club that is looking to purchase the Peg, now if that is not a conflict of interest I don’t know what is

  2. It is a clear conflict which is why Cllr Kent excused himself from the Council meeting when it was discussed and would have to to do again if it comes back to the Council for a decision.

    Pleased he doesn’t have to do that when matters relating to Grays Athletic are discussed!

  3. But surely even by being in that position it will always cast a doubt amongst those on the outside as to how impartial any decision is regarding the application, he should resign his position with the club until such time that this issue is resolved whichever way that will be, and personally I hope that the Peg remains safely in the hands of the local people not the Football Club

  4. If Cllr Coxshall thinks these plans are ridiculous then why the hell did he vote for them to be included in the LDF when he voted for it last month?

    Is this yet another case of a Councillor not knowing or bothering to read what he was voting for!

    He then has the bare faced cheek to grand stand in front of residents opposing the stadium proposals when it was his vote that moved the proposal forward into the councils local development framework.

    It’s like Cllr Redsell and her opposition to a sports hub at Backshots when she as Portfolio Holder first presented the report to Cabinet or her opposition to the Woodview site being developed when she twice voted for the land to be sold off for housing!

    Can politicians please bother to read exactly what you are voting for as your belated opposition does make you look very foolish.

  5. This is just like when the Tories were in control at Thurrock Council.When Garry Hague, Joy Redsell, Ben Maney, MP Jackie Doyle Price and Other senior Conservatives had their electoral offices and Tory association On the ICG site in Hogg Lane. The ICG address was published on the bottom of the leaflets. This is now in the LDF for 1,100 houses moreover its a chemical plant, and will possibly have contamination issues but that’s ok to put houses on there. So therefor its Ok to support them especially if they donate to your political group and FACT they did donate several times but you know what they all say ” Thurrock Council is like the Wild West” anything goes.

  6. I see Ed is feeling no more generous to Councillors than he was before Christmas.

    What hasn’t been pointed out is that cllr Coxshall voted to put the entire document out to consultation. Clearly, if every councillor who found one objectionable thing in the 100 plus pages of consultation documentation oted against it, we’d never have a development framework. Cllr Coxshall is perfectly within his rights to stand up for the residents who elected him, and I’m sure Cllr Kent is perfectly within his rights to involve himself in a football club many miles from his own electorate.

  7. Just because Cllr Coxshall voted for the LDF which needed to be approved to avoid planning decisions being overturned doesn’t mean he supports everything in it, he is within his right to stand up on individual issues

  8. Shirt lifter lets jog your memory reported on YT
    Mr St-Clair-Haslam told the inquiry that he wished to give his version of a number events referred to by ICG’s planning consultant, Brian Pooley.
    Mr St-Clair-Haslam said: “On the 12th February, 2009, a meeting was brokered by cllr Joy Redsell between ICG boss Alan Carver and Brian Pooley. Also in attendance was cllr Ben Maney and myself.
    “Cllr Redsell described Mr Carver as a personal friend of over 30 years standing.
    The Torys had offices on the Hogg Lane Site my true. “my opinion only but”
    What happened here could have been a WHITE WASH did this company have sites put Forward in the LDF because the three mentioned above Cllr Haslam ,Cllr Redsell, Cllr Maney, sat on the LDF group making major decisions one of them Chair of the Group Tory Leader of Thurrock at the time Garry Hauge used the offices in Hogg Lane and guess what he sat on the LDF GROUP PICKING SITES LETS SEE? Oh I Forgot I believe hundreds of houses in Titan works? Hogg lane ( where Tories offices was) part of ICG and Oliver Road Energy to waste ? Large Lorry Park ? Hotel ? Councillor Kent as nothing to worry about it seems to be okay. shirt lifter this seems to be far more outrageous but people seem to turn a blind eye and you do a brilliant PA Job for Tories keep up good press in my opinion

  9. Cllr John Kent may have left the room on this decision , Nevertheless on the back page of the Local Development Framework (which the council approved last month).This was Signed off by Cllr John Kent Cllr Andy Smith Cllr Anderson Cllr Hague so all these Councillors was involved,
    So I beg to differ with John Kent he was a major player

  10. Mr coxswalls you are two faced !. Complain all you like about other councillors. YOU recently voted for a consultation process which included developing land at both pegasus club and east Thurrock f.c. If YOU mr coxwalls or any other one of your colleagues are honest it is apparent none of you have any idea what you voted on other than wriggling like an eel to try and shirk you mess up. Why don’t YOU do an interview on YT to explain to us why YOU voted for a consultation on developing Greenbelt land. Come on then, YOU wanted us to vote for you now answer to us what you are all about !.

  11. Superman if what you say is correct about Hague, Anderson , Smith and Kent signing off things on the local development framework surely that means Anderson is part of the decision making process formally or informally. How on earth can Anderson sit on the planning committee and not be predetermined , if he has been part of any site being picked in the LDF process. Can somebody with experience clear this very serious point up for me?

  12. Oh hot press you make me lol. Here I am trying to engage Ed on the Coxshall-East Thurrock United point and all of a sudden you pop up shouting about Titan Works, which is something I know nothing about (it happened before I moved to Thurrock). And since I know nothing about it, I am going to say nothing about it.

    In answer to your last point, the LDF stuff etc is strategic, the planning committee looks at specific applications, to see if they are within the strategies and policies decided by the council.

  13. Descamiados Squibbs was In The LDF Titan works is in the LDF both off these companies have sat in front of the planning committee, One for enforcement and I am sure that if this lady Cllr Redsell had a thirty year friendship she definitely should not be any part of the decision making process neither should shadow portfolio Holder Garry Hauge or Ben Maney because its clearly stinks the company Titan have sites in the LDF and this little group had meetings well I think your correct ED and Hot Pres

  14. Shelley, my name translates as “shirtless” after a histroic group of Spanish revolutionaries. I believe “shirt lifter” is aimed at me by the ignorant and the rude.

  15. Another problem caused by the LDF. Why are green belt sites included when Thurrock has so many industrial sites sitting empty?

    Personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with Cllr Coxshall opposing the plan.

    As for the Titan Works plan….does anyone at the council, Labour or Tory, have any other grand plans for Thurrock that does not include house building? If only the same amount of effort was made to get companies into Grays High Street as the council seem to make to get developers here than Grays would be a half decent place to shop!

  16. Bernard I also have no problems with local business’s and housing being put forward . we should be encouraging investment especially in these economic crisis, Cllr Coxshall is correct about Cllr Kent but lets not forget ,when the Tory Group had Offices in a site and the company also made donations to Torys Moreover the same company as nearly 1000 houses and other things in the LDF and Cllr Kent is president of this football club but he wasn’t sitting on the LDF Group picking Sites like the Major players of the Tory Group and the Tory chair of the LDF admitted a 30 year friendship with the same Company. I also feel Cllr Kent should have been honest instead of saying he walked out of the room he still signed the document to agree it so another example both sides should be totally honest if they have nothing to hide, Personally I feel this will never happen
    And Cllr Coxshall was one of those who voted that would of been the time to disagree with it that’s what I perceive to be bolt the stable door once the horse as bolted


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