Politicians embroiled in bitter war of words over Pegasus Club

IT WAS supposed to be quite a simple issue. The Pegasus Club in Herd Lane, Corringham was part of Petroplus. Petroplus went into administration.

That has far reaching consequences for the club, i.e: Can they find a buyer or perhaps can they buy it themselves?

East Thurrock United football club, who play along the road, has expressed an interesting in buying the sports club. Their plans are part of the Local Development Framework (which the council approved last month).

But these plans don’t appear to sit well with the Pegasus Club.

Nor do they sit well with local Conservative councillor, Mark Coxshall.

Infact, councillor Coxshall has questioned the role of the president of East Thurrock United, who is also the leader of Thurrock Council (cllr John Kent).

Cllr Coxshall said: “Talk of moving the football club to the site is ridiculous. I’m sure the people running the football club would love to build a new stadium on the Pegasus Club’s grounds, but that would be a disaster.

“I support the ambition of East Thurrock United to move to better facilities, but not at the expense of the Pegasus Club.”

Cllr Kent has defended his position.

Cllr Kent said: “If I go to the football, people will say I am trying to further the position of the club, just like they would if I got involved in a theatre, club or any local organisation.

“I can’t let that sort of accusation get in the way.

“I have removed myself from discussions at every opportunity. Everything has been open and above board.”

The secretary of East Thurrock United, Neil Speight, has made a robust defence of the club’s president.

He said: “To suggest any impropriety by East Thurrock United FC or John Kent is extremely unfair, untrue and probably actionable were he or we so minded.

“East Thurrock United and, I am sure, John, have no wish to add to the Pegasus Club’s troubles.”

He added: “We do not wish to take over the Pegasus Club, we wish to work with it and secure the future. “However, we are fortunate enough to have access to funding required to purchase the site through our owner.”

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