Thurrock MEP slams “impotent” Cameron EU pledge.

BRITAIN’S prime minister has been described as “the man who tries to please everyone, but ends up pleasing no-one,” in the wake of David Cameron’s long-awaited Europe speech today, (Wednesday 23 January).

After the Prime Minister’s comment in advance that the speech would be worth waiting for “like tantric sex,” local Euro MP Richard Howitt also commented that all Cameron’s speech had done was to “reveal his own impotence.”

Richard Howitt MEP, who also chairs the Labour group of Members of the European Parliament, says it is Labour which can achieve the necessary reforms to the European Union and which will put jobs and growth first.

Richard Howitt MEP said: “By suggesting a referendum several years in to the future, David Cameron has angered businesses who crave a return of confidence but who instead have been given a recipe for uncertainty.

“Yet the Prime Minister has equally failed to please his own Eurosceptics, with one of his own Tory MEPs predicting it will lead to Conservative defeat at the next General Election.

“He is the man who tried to please everyone, and ended up pleasing no-one.”

Richard Howitt MEP added: “When talking about repatriating powers, the Prime Minister is really suggesting an end to basic rights at work and to the cooperation which enables us to extradite suspected paedophiles and terrorists from abroad.

“It’s all about Conservative not European politics, and an effort to heal deep divisions within his own party rather than pursuing the national interest.

“And by suggesting he can negotiate changes which realistically he has little hope of achieving, the Prime Minister is sleepwalking us towards exit from the European Union altogether.

“Labour will not stand silent while this dangerous game is being played, and it is Labour which can deliver the reforms Europe needs.”

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