Monday, March 20, 2023

MC Sweet: Showdown with Shane

FIRST things first. Parental advisory lyrics. Please don’t listen if easily offended.

Now, some people think that the YT office is stuck in a 1974 time warp (he says listening to the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway-Ed).

However, we like to think that, in over four years, we have been a hub for musical artists of all descriptions.

We happen to think the the grime/rap scene has been a great outlet for a whole range of reasons.

Sometimes, we wonder where are people going with their music but then again, it is an end in itself. You don’t look at all the bloked playing footie on a Sunday at Blackshots and ask: “Where are they going with this.?”

Anyway, we have followed the music of MC Sweet and we happen to think. Well he sounds (in spirit) like a Tilbury version of The Streets.

This latest track is outstanding. Don’t worry, he informs us that Shane is not the real name.

We also think some of our burgeoning video directors should get onto this….

So..listen without prejudice….


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