Lower Dartford Crossing: “None of the above” should be an option says council leader

THE DECISIONS and options for the Lower Dartford Crossing loom closer.

The Department for Transport (DfT) is expected to launch a public consultation on three options for the crossing in May.

YT understands that the main preference is that the third crossing is not alongside the existing two crossings at Dartford.

The three options are:

A. They are at Dartford adjacent to the existing bridge.

B. West of Tilbury from the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent

C. East of Tilbury coming up from Gravesend.

Option C seems to have created the greatest stir with many concerned that it would cause a scar through Tilbury, Chadwell, Orsett and out onto the green fields of Essex.

The DfT will reduce the shortlist to put forward a preferred bridge or tunnel option for each location.

Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price has made her feelings known on the subject, stating that she did not want a “motorway” through the borough.

Whilst Kent bosses have told local newspapers that: “Our main preference is against option A, another crossing at Dartford, because this will do nothing for network resilience at a location already vulnerable to major incidents and it offers nowhere near the same opportunities for economic growth,” he said.

“The other two corridors offer far better strategic routes for Kent’s ports,” he said.

But Thurrock Council leader, John Kent told a meeting of the full council last week that he would like to explore another option.

Cllr Kent said: “There is always another option and that is none of the above.

“I have not seen a credible case put forward for any of the options.

“I can only re-inforce that the priorities must be free-flow tolling at the Dartford Crossing as well as improvements to Junction 30.”

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