Saturday, April 1, 2023

UKIP leader Nigel Farage in praise of Thurrock

THE LAST time we interviewed UKIP leader Nigel Farage was down in the yard at Clive Broad’s Daybreak Windows in Stanford-le-Hope.

Mr Farage stressed the importance of grass root work in Thurrock then and he stresses it now.

This is something of a golden period for Mr Farage. He seems to appear everywhere. Not even a traffic jam at the Dartford crossing can stop him from speaking to the Essex faithful on Thursday lunchtime.

The party faithful were in ebullient mood as we spoke to him about the EU referendum and the importance of being Essex.


  1. Sadly, not all members were invited and especially those that do not support the old SBET candidate…. I support UKIP and I hope Clive stays to fight full time in 2015… But unconstitutional actions, and many would be members not joining because of being omitted if they disagree will see it go no where locally!! With regret…

  2. Mr Farage I think Cllr Ray of Averly most definitely lost touch with the local people because every time you ask him about the localism bill and inviting business’s and house developers he always says not in my ward so glad he was elected to walk around smiling nodding his head 24/7 because his not doing anything else

  3. In don’t think it will be that long before we see UKIP as a dominant force in party politics, they have already overtaken the Lib Dems and will soon be knocking on both the Tories and Labours doors, this may be just a knee-jerk reaction from people to the current affairs with the UK and the EU but the big parties need to be looking over their shoulders.


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