Councillor Tunde “appalled” at cllr Kiely’s “comments” on Tories and black communities

LABOUR’S controversial Ockendon councillor Aaron Kiely is at the centre of yet another twitter storm after apparently tweeting a comment that has caused upset and hurt to a leading black councillor in Thurrock.

A tweet on an account called Aaron Kiely said: “Tories don’t offer black communities anything apart from misery & whipped up racism. My honest opinion.”

Conservative Councillor and former Deputy Mayor Tunde Ojetola said, “As a black man, and a proud Conservative, Cllr Kiely’s racist slur appalls me. Conservatives offer every community in Thurrock, and indeed Britain, the same thing – an opportunity to be part of a better, united Britain.

“Cllr Kiely’s comments are the most appalling form of racism. They spread an ‘us and them’ mentality, which aims to divide Thurrock according to race and colour. I got involved in my local community and local politics to try to bring people together; Cllr Kiely seems intent on driving a wedge between us.

“His comments are a disgrace. They reflect appallingly on the council, and they reflect appallingly on the Labour party and he should resign immediately. If Labour are truly committed to a ‘one-nation’ approach they should dismiss Kiely and distance themselves from this kind of behaviour immediately.”

Cllr Kiely is currently under investigation by the Labour party after achieving national notoriety in 2012 for poor attendance record at Thurrock council meetings as well as tweets in relation to alleged terrorist Abu Hamza.

His allowance for his council duties is £8000 per year.

YT has attempted to contact cllr Kiely but at the time of publication has not received a reply.

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