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Councillor Tunde “appalled” at cllr Kiely’s “comments” on Tories and black communities

LABOUR’S controversial Ockendon councillor Aaron Kiely is at the centre of yet another twitter storm after apparently tweeting a comment that has caused upset and hurt to a leading black councillor in Thurrock.

A tweet on an account called Aaron Kiely said: “Tories don’t offer black communities anything apart from misery & whipped up racism. My honest opinion.”

Conservative Councillor and former Deputy Mayor Tunde Ojetola said, “As a black man, and a proud Conservative, Cllr Kiely’s racist slur appalls me. Conservatives offer every community in Thurrock, and indeed Britain, the same thing – an opportunity to be part of a better, united Britain.

“Cllr Kiely’s comments are the most appalling form of racism. They spread an ‘us and them’ mentality, which aims to divide Thurrock according to race and colour. I got involved in my local community and local politics to try to bring people together; Cllr Kiely seems intent on driving a wedge between us.

“His comments are a disgrace. They reflect appallingly on the council, and they reflect appallingly on the Labour party and he should resign immediately. If Labour are truly committed to a ‘one-nation’ approach they should dismiss Kiely and distance themselves from this kind of behaviour immediately.”

Cllr Kiely is currently under investigation by the Labour party after achieving national notoriety in 2012 for poor attendance record at Thurrock council meetings as well as tweets in relation to alleged terrorist Abu Hamza.

His allowance for his council duties is £8000 per year.

YT has attempted to contact cllr Kiely but at the time of publication has not received a reply.


  1. Once again Cllr( I use that term lightly) Kiely is hitting the headlines with his controversial twitter musings, how long are Thurrock Labour going to allow this person top continue to drag their name through the mud? it seems that TBC and the Thurrock Labour party are complicit in his actions as they continue to let him get away with it.

    Until such time that the current leader of TBC and the local Labour party grow some balls and eject this hypocritical low life then they are showing the public that they are obviously behind this “acting” Councillor’s diatribe and the local people should take a very hard look at who they vote for next time around as the current incumbent are treating them a jokes

  2. Lambo, Good Comments, fully agree.

    It would not surprise me if the local labour party had a quiet chat with Aaron keep your head down and we shall leave you in the labour party to keep our majority.

    No honor Aaron or Labour, he won’t resign

    Thurrock Labour are a disgrace to allow this person to remain, whats it going to take to get rid of him.

  3. Tis is one nation Labour coming to the fore showing their true colours. Backed to the hilt by Comrade Kent and the rest of the Labour pary no doubt. What a left wing hero.

  4. How can Tunde Ojetola say that Kiely’s comment was a, ‘racist slur’? Just relying on the article above, Kiely was defending the black community accusing, rightly or wrongly, the Tories of whipping up racism. If anyone was being a raciest it has to be Tunde Ojetola – doesn’t it? He may not have agreed with what was tweeted, but using the language that he did is even more appalling. If he disagreed with the tweet, why not make a reasoned argument as to why he thought Tunde Ojetola was wrong? Nobody comes out of this with any merit.

  5. The fanatic Kiely has made baseless comments. As far as he and the entire Labour party are concerned, anyione that does not tow their line is a racist. He is a fraudster and has defrauded the taxpayers of Thurrock to obtain money to mount his baseless anti British fanatical attacks. Labour won’t sack him and therefore must back him. Labour are the most divisive party in modern times and their claims to be a one nation party has been shown to be a complete lie by Kiely. As if anyone needed his thoughts on that.

  6. Just for clarity The Doove, the boy Kiely accused the Conservative party of bringing misery to black people and whipping up racism against them. Technically, it’s not racism as the Tory Party are not a race but it is clearly inflammatory, insulting and wrong, hence the outrage expressed here on YT. You can’t defend the indefensible.

  7. Most of the above contributors have frequently commented on this issue, as have I. My most recent comment was made by means of an “open letter” to Cllr John Kent and the Chair of Thurrock Labour Constituency Party to which, to date, there has been no reply. For information my “open letter” is repeated below.

    Dear Sirs,
    I write with regard to the on-going saga concerning the conduct of Cllr Aaron Kiely which has been the subject of considerable adverse publicity in the local media and condemnation from fellow Councillors and members of the Public. Cllr John Kent, as Leader of the Labour Group, you recently stated that you “cannot defend the indefensible and that Mr Kiely is the subject of an “Inquiry” the findings of which will be made known shortly.” How long is “shortly”?

    I remind you of Mr Kiely’s comments made to a journalist from the “Thurrock Gazette”, after his election, which were published in the Friday 6th May, 2011 edition.

    New councillor Kiely, 22, who lives in the ward, described his delight and his commitment to the ward after hearing the result. He said;

    “ I am ecstatic. I am really committed to the ward and I have done a lot of work in the community with voluntary groups”.

    “ I am going to stand up for the community and the residents and get started on the issues which I know are going on in the area”.

    “ This is the first time I have ever stood for council and we have worked so hard in the campaign”.

    “ I went to school in the area and know it like the back of my hand. I will be doing everything in my power to help the community”.

    “ I want to get out into all the community forums and help improve the lives of residents.”

    Taking account of his conduct as a Councillor over the past nineteen months his comments are nothing more than brazen-faced deceit. He has rarely, if ever, attended his publicised “surgeries”. He is conspicuous by his absence from Council meetings, condescending to appear twice a year, for a couple of hours, in order to qualify for his £8,000 p.a. allowance and to add insult to injury he does not have the decency to tender his apologies for his absence. Again he has rarely, if ever, attended the South Ockendon Residents Association [SORA] meetings or ever attended a South Ockendon Street Representatives meeting.

    I, along with many others, can only deduce that Mr Kiely’s real purpose for wanting to become a Councillor has very little to do with his sentiments expressed at the time of his election and a desire to “improve the lives of residents” but has more to do with enhancing his ambitions elsewhere and using his council allowance to finance them. Suffice to say that his campaign in 2011 was nothing more than a sham. He has cheated and deceived Thurrock Labour Party members, especially those who selected him and supported him as a candidate. He has brought into disrepute the role of a councillor and by association damaged the integrity of his fellow councillors. Most despicable of all is his contempt for the residents of South Ockendon especially those who believed in him, trusted him and voted for him.

    I ask that you disassociate Mr Kiely from the Labour Group by withdrawing the Party “whip”, thereby making it clear that the Labour Party and the Labour Group are outraged by his conduct and condemn him for it. To the argument that the consequence of such action could cause the Labour Group to loose control of the Council as a result of losing Kiely’s vote, I can only reply that if he is never in attendance the matter of his vote is immaterial. It would also demonstrate that you recognise the interests of constituents should come before personal and Party political interests.

    Mr Kiely could do the honourable thing by resigning thereby allowing a bye-election to be held but I doubt he will do so. Mr Kiely appears to lack any sense of honour, decency or integrity

    The time has come to stop excusing the inexcusable and for both of you to firmly grasp the nettle and take positive action to call this impostor to account.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mr Peter Perrin.

    This “open letter” was sent to “Your Thurrock” “Thurrock Gazette” and “The Enquirer” in November 2012, only “Your Thurrock” published it.

    Regarding the so called “Inquiry” Cllr Kent informed the Full Council Meeting in November that “the findings of the Inquiry will be made known shortly”. Some 60 days, or more, have come and gone since Cllr Kent made that statement and I ask him again how long is his estimation of “shortly”? I am inclined to the view that no such inquiry is in effect and that the suggestion of an inquiry is
    being used by the Labour Group as a cover for doing nothing.

    If the Thurrock Labour Party cannot or will not independantly take action to discipline Cllr Kiely may I suggest that they seek his expulsion from the Labour Party on the grounds of having brought the Party into disrepute.


  8. MICHAEL CASEY I think you are obsessed with councillor Kiely you do not stop publishing stories on him, god forbid if he is of a nervous disposition MICHEAL change the record you are become in very boring

  9. Yo Superman, if you don’t like the headline, don’t read the article. Plenty of us do care about an extremist councillor who collects eight grand a year of taxpayers money for diddly squat.

  10. I think a more appropriate story that Mike Casey should have concentrated on would of been about another liar in the Government namely Chris Huhne costing the tax payers in this country £100,000. Together with the rest of the Tory liars In the Coalition , if you’d have read Aaron Kiely tweet I think your find that it was he’s opinion and everybody has got the right to their opinion If you count up the number of story’s Mike Casey has written about Aaron Kiely when there’s plenty of other members of Thurrock council about who he has factual evidence about. I think it’s become quiet clear who wags Mike Casey tail and it shows. As far as I can tell Aaron Kiely has broken no rules , has not broken the constitution and if he wants to turn up once every 6 months that’s up to him. Until he’s steals something from the Council or sits down with a property developer a week before a planning meeting I can’t see he’s done anything wrong unlike other members of Thurrock council. So lets not put the cart before the horse and have some factual journalism.

  11. Less “Superman” more “super secret agenda”…

    This is a Thurrock news website focussing on local news. Local councillor says controversial thing, local councillor behaves in ways that are just not cricket, local people let down by councillor – these are YT stories.

    If you want stories about how all Tories are liars you should try

  12. So Kiely is holding secret information on other Councillors. This should be investigated as his character shows that he’s not to be trusted and could potentially use such information to blackmail other Councillors. If he has information of wrong doing he should publish it.

    The definition of fraud is to obtain money by deception. The fanatic Kiely was elected to represent the people of Ockendon. Instead he has taken money to bankroll his racist, anti british attacks as a black students representative. He has not fulfilled his duties as a councillor at all.

    He is a local councillor, yeah right, and is a legitimate target of the local media. He doesn’t mind the media attention when he can get his picture taken with Dainne Abbott in another one of his racist attacks.

    He represents the Labour party and has shown that the Labour party is living yet another lie with their one nation crap. He is an individual that is hellbent on creating division as much as he can, which is very much more reflective of the Labour party so presumably that is why they don’t condemn him, he really is doing their bidding.

    If the poor little comrade can’t take it, stop thieving money from Thurrocks taxpayers and let someone else do the job he is paid for but couldn’t give a sh1t about.

  13. Superman could actually be the boy Kiely! Either that or he’s a relative of the ..ahem.. Councillor. NoVoice and the shirtless one have the right of it.

  14. Superman- ” if he wants to turn up once every 6 months that’s up to him” ????

    Do you “honestly think, in your opinion” that this is correct? He was elected to represent the people of Ockendon, and unless all the reports are untrue, does not give the people of Ockendon a chance to speak to him, as he never shows for surgeries, doesn;t have a contactable telephone number and never answers emails, Do you think that if he had told the people of Ockendon that he would never be available for comment other than on Twitter and very rarely in Ockendon, that they would have elected him? In my honest opinion I think he has committed fraud in accepting money under false pretencies, now lets be honest he is a young man and maybe did not realise the comitment that this role entails, but he has been in the role long enough now to realise that he cannot do it, so I call upon his better nature to offer his resignation, lots of people fail, it is the bigger man who can admit failure and walk away>

  15. I’m not sure whether Kiely harbours any future aspirations in politics but one thing is for sure, if his name turns up on any candidate lists in the future for anything, he is going to be shot down in flames.

  16. I doubt if the Labour party or Superman understands what brining the party in to disrepute means Mr Perrin, maybe the Conservative’s could Educate them on this?

  17. I think it’s about time for Cllr Kent to share the findings of the investigation with Thurrock residents. All I want to know is when is he being booted out the party?

  18. Snakebiteuk the Labour Party must understand disrepute because they was in power last year when Joy Redsell was interview at the police station about the stolen picture from the council offices that her daughter said she gave to. her and meeting with developers who put their application through planning furthermore the three Tories who threatened a land lady and stole wine from castle point council. And Shane Hebb sitting on the Planning Committee where you are meant to be fair and open minded then asking your local residents to protest against the application and pretend to be honest about Squibb, SO LETS NOT PRETEND THE TORIES ARE GREAT

  19. Bernard87
    You said
    I think it’s about time for Cllr Kent to share the findings of the investigation with Thurrock residents. WELL The residents are still waiting for the Report about the illegal buildings on ICG and the enforcement report to be published knowing Thurrock it more then likely be that ICG become a lorry park for over 500 HGV and an hotel so don’t hold your breath Bernard87

  20. Hot press I feel Cllr Redsell has brought the council in to disrepute but they should have made her resign but instead the allowed her to stand last year so every Tory stands by her so forget Kiely his done far less, and not all the residents in blackshots read what this awful woman done i say lets go ukip because Kent didn’t do anything either so perhaps Kent SHOULD GO

  21. Joy Redsell – several investigations uncovered no evidence of wrongdoing.
    Shane Hebb – stood up for his residents and acted 100% appropriately by removing himself from all Squibbs decisions

    Stop trying to smear Tories with innuendo and guff to deflect attention from Kiely. Even John Kent has given up on him, you should too.

  22. Why would her own daughter lie she said her mother gave her the picture when the police went to her house and took the picture back and gave it back to Thurrock Council, Cllr Redsell had access to the picture. and go on you tube type in Joy Redsell read all the evidence about councillor Redsell Fact she supported application for wooden Hut Whilst Drinking with applicant a week before
    And Shane Hebb had to Stand Down because Proof was given to certain Parties about his objection and I believe a complaint went in cannot stand Tories or Labour you all are untruthful in my opinion . The Gentleman who has the proof made a complaint to Thurrock About Redsell I Will ask Him to Print the Factual Evidence on his blog furthermore Proof Michael Casey as seen it too so email and ask Michael but he might print it who knows

  23. The “proof” was insufficient for the CPS to prosecute.

    I can prove the moon is made of cheese, honest I can, go on youtube, that famous source of proof, and wikipedia whilst you are at it, you will see the proof, you will see (!)

  24. If you’re interested In the truth Shirt less one prove it to me by demanding in a blog on here to Mike Casey that he shows you the proof , which includes letters and time stamped photographic evidence. If you’re interested In The truth the same as I am , I throw down a personal challenge to you to demand in a Blog that Mike Casey prints the evidence he’s got which emanates from Thurrock council and other sources, if your really interested In Truth which I very much doubt? Perhaps when you see documented evidence you might change your mind and I think it will also satisfy other bloggers on here what’s really going on at Thurrock council so lets see if you do it ? I bet you and your shirt you don’t and if you don’t. stop keep defending her because you obviously already know and don’t want it to come out lets see what you do because if you do you prove me wrong but on the other hand if you don’t we all know the truth about yourself

  25. It’s nice to see how many good old leftie Labour supporters back the taxpayer being defrauded. Ok when it’s one of theirs doing it. Absolutely terrible if it’s one of those nasty evil rich people. Why don’t all councillors follow Kiely’s example and not bother to turn up at meetings or speak to the people they represent. Perhaps we could then have a vote on getting rid of all of them and replace them with a management board directly responsible to the electorate. The current rules on Councillors are obviously a farce and we may as well save ourselves £700k a year and get rid of them all. Then we could also do away with TW*TS calling everyone a racist and doing their best to divide people into segments all against the backdrop of the party he represents masquerading around the country and on television as the one nation party. Thoroughly nasty party full of liars and hypocrites.

  26. Shirt less one well I thought you wouldn’t was I right you know as we’ll as I know moreover it was bridge to far for you


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