Friday, May 24, 2024

Happy 80th birthday Mr Perrin!

WE DON’T often do birthday messages at YT. Well there are 160,000 residents  in the borough and we would end up being a bit pushed doing them all.

But we are happy to make an exception for one of our favourite residents, Mr Peter Perrin.

To those of you who do not know Mr Perrin, he appears at council meetings, every month and asks a pertinent question.

Some might say, a pedantic question to which we say: “Just be grateful that the other 160k residents don’t take up their democratic right to ask a pertinent/pedantic question!”

And we all hope that we have the enthusiasm, interest and clarity of mind that Mr Perrin possesses when this reporter gets to 80!

For us, there are some people, who sum up what we are trying to achieve at YT. Mr Perrin is one of them.

Many happy returns Peter.






  1. A steadfast and faithful friend, a man that has enough principal’s for us all.
    Happy 80th Birthday Peter.
    Dee & Simon


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