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Come talk to Mears about housing repairs

A SERIES of open sessions are being held for tenants to talk and meet with representatives from Mears – Thurrock Council’s new responsive repairs contractor.

Mears took over the work from 1 February and will run the service until a full time contractor is chosen.

Cllr Val Morris-Cook, the council’s portfolio holder for housing, said: “Mears have been in talks with us on some of the main issues which surrounded the poor services tenants had been receiving and they are fully committed to helping us make substantial improvements.”

Mears have set a target to clear the inherited backlog of routine repairs by the end of April with an appointment for each job.

Alan Long, executive director at Mears, said: “This backlog is now our priority and we are determined to put things right once and for all.

“We hope we get the chance to meet as many residents as possible at these sessions so we can show our commitment to the changes we will be making.”

The details for the sessions are:

Stanford and Corringham, Saturday, 2 March, 10am to noon, Corringham Village Hall

Grays, Tuesday 5 March, 6.30pm to 9.30pm Seabrook Rise Community Centre

Aveley and Purfleet, Saturday, 9 March, 10am to noon Proofs House

Tilbury, Saturday, 16 March, 10am to noon Crown Court

South Ockendon, Saturday, 30 March 10am to noon, Ockendon Centre


  1. My first question would be for MEARS to advise how they got to where they are NOW (the takeover) and tell the residents just how many of the MORRISON employees were TUPE’d over and still work within the contract.

    How they intend to change a mentality within and become MORE POSITIVE, I feel TBC themselves as a big NEGATIVE, with local government protocol in place, there are bound to be many dis-satisfied tenants.

    So I don’t see much changing, TBC work with our money and Morrisons aim is to give SHAREHOLDERS good returns on investment.

    I see this as another lose, lose.

  2. I for one am very pleased to see the back of Morrisons, but have we, because if they are employing the Morrison workmen then it will business as usual, they came into my house, and messed everything up, by installing the wrong type of toilet system into the bathroom, then sticking it to the wall with, mastic type glue??, I was told that the man hadnt passed his test for basic plumbing, he was a general hand, no kidding.
    I like other TBC tenents will keep our fingers crossed and hope that this time the TBC, as got it right and insist that the new company, Mears only employ competent and trade passed employees, and not send an electrician to do plumbing because they are busy, and carry out work on Gas boilers without the person being passed to do so.

  3. Guys I think you need to be very worried here as Morrisons Tuped over TBC staff and Mears are about to bring over Morrisions staff, so you have exactly the same people doing the work, I think you will find though that this was a case of , fed up TBC staff not wanting Morrisons contract to work, then very poor management by the council of the jobs undertaken.

  4. TC’s Director of Housing Barbara Brownlee told the Chadwell Forum last week, that Mears had only a 12 month emergency contract. It would again be put out to tender.
    She said that Morrisons left them with over 3000 repairs to do, which Mears have promised to clear before the end of March. The problems with Morrisons appeared to be with their management not being able to work with our council.

    Unfortunately I have heard that Mears reputation is little better than Morrisons.
    We shall see!

  5. My fears are there will be tears over Mears contract. The parting from Morrisons was such sweet sorrow but Morriisons by any other name is still Morrisons. My apologies to William Shakespeare.


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