Answers still needed over Stanford flooding say Tories

A LOCAL ward councillor is still demanding answers over flooding issues in Runnymede Road and Ruskin Road, Stanford; an area of the borough which has suffered repeated bouts of local flooding for many years – most recently in spring 2012.

Heavy rains have regularly overwhelmed the drainage system, and caused the road to flood with rain water, with one instance of sewage being part of the flood water mix. The company responsible for the system, Anglian Water, has made noises that a fix has been put into place for this since the large sewage flood in 2009, however, since the anniversary of the last flood approaches many questions remain unanswered.

Local Conservative councillor Shane Hebb said “It’s been nearly a year since the last major rain water flood in Runnymede Road, and as yet I’m not satisfied that enough has been done to prevent a repeat occurring this year should we get another wet spring.

“Residents rightly expect better than to wake up and find their road has turned into a river. I have written again to Anglain Water asking them to confirm what steps have been taken to ensure such flooding never happens again in this area. Being told that it has ‘been sorted’ is not enough. We want to know what has been done, and why these improvements have resolved the issue and I look forward to Anglian Water’s response”

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