Thursday, July 18, 2024

Good Pub Guide: The White Hart

By Jason Acres

From the “Hart” above the door to the heart behind the counter, the White Hart Inn is every bit the classic gentleman’s local, just a stone’s throw from the Thames.

Shadowed by the modern Wharf apartments, this friendly, traditional pub plays host to a growing number of locals and visitors who can enjoy live music, sport coverage and some of the best real ales available without paying through the nose.

With pints being sold at under £2 each, who can grumble?

The White Hart Inn is only 3 minutes walk from Grays train station and the town centre, and has its own parking facilities at the back of the building right next to a huge beer garden; so whether you’re popping in for a quick bevy or looking to hang out for the night, you are perfectly positioned for an easy ride home.

Just wait until you set your sights on the large snooker table at the rear of the bar, it won’t be long before you are fighting with your inhibitions and trying to decide whether you want to kick back and listen to some live music while you catch up with the sporting events of the day in the main bar, or disappear to the back and lose hours snookering your way to a great evening.

All in all, a good time to be had by all; whether you are alone or part of a group, nipping in or setting up camp, the White Hart will make sure you are accommodated.

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