Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Living wage funds agreed

In July last year Thurrock Council unanimously agreed it should become a “Living Wage” employer – meaning that nobody employed by the council should earn less than (then) £7.20 and, today, £7.45 an hour.

Speaking during the budget debate, Leader Cllr John Kent, told Wednesday (27 February) evening’s meeting of the council: “I am pleased to say this budget means that from the 1st of April Thurrock Council will be a Living Wage employer – the money’s in this budget, but the vote’s yet to be taken and that happens next month.”


  1. The Comrade is either being disingenuous to say the least or this is going to make very little difference in terms of numbers of employee’s affected or overall cost, i.e. this is either another political stunt or he has just conned hundreds of thousands of pounds out of the pockets of the public to once again feather the nest of taxpayer funded employee’s at the expense of the rest of us. What is he going to say to the hoards he said were going to have to be made redundant in this coming financial year, or is that another lie. Whilst I agree that the minimum wage should be a lot higher nationally than it currently is, I don’t see why taxpayer funded workers should be the only one’s to benefit. This is once again the Labour party’s socialist philosophy coming to the fore. Soak the taxpayer so that they can display their socialist credentials and make them look like they are the only people that care about the less well off, all done in conjunction with the other socialist bastion we now seem to be in bed with, Barking and Dagenham Council that can afford to pay their employee’s £9 an hour at taxpayers expense. They just will not give up on the socialist utopia to the cost of the rest of the us that pay for it. Tax people until they squeak, the Labour way. The Comrade should be thoroughly ashamed.

  2. It looks like the Comrade is getting ready for next years elections. Extra money for higher wages. Potholes to be fixed. An extra million for schools. Extra Money for the CAB. All against the backdrop, according to the Comrades, of the evil Tory government making our lives hell just for the sake of being evil. The socialists, despite the evil Tories, are riding to the rescue with our money. Here’s a tip for the Comrade. You’ve done nothing since you were last elected. Stop spending our money to make sure you get elected again next year. Do your job properly all the time, not just when it matters to you personally. You don’t look compassionate just because you can spend other people’s money. You just look like a lying buffoon.


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