Restaurant review: Garden of culinary delights at Orsett Hall’s Garden restaurant

By Sally Casey

IT SEEMS strange that the Orsett Hall has a hidden treasure. It is first place that brides think of when planning their big day. The speciality nights such as comedy club are sell-outs and the suites such as Whitmore and Graeme Thomas are very popular with conferences.

However, the Garden restaurant is such a hidden treasure. Many know about the delights of the afternoon teas but the Garden restaurant has a wonderful menu that you have to see, taste and enjoy to truly appreciate..

The tasting menu has been constructed by head chef Robert Pearce as a journey through the meals of the day. Taste is foremost but presentation is also key and there is humour, eccentricity in the whole tasting menu but most of all, there is superb food.

A lot of the credit must also go to restaurant manager, Andi Ricketts who is extremely proud of his restaurant but also ambitious to take it to the next level.

Recently, YT went to the restaurant to sample their taster menu.

Amuse Bouche: “Egg and Soldier

This was delightful first course. You have to be curious when you are served with a boiled egg on a bed of straw! But deep within is the spicy delights of chorizo. It really does set the scene.

Roast Duck Breast: Liver and foie gras parfait, plum and almond

The combination of textures and tastes are outstanding. We would recommend this with a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. The breast was succulent and all the elements perfectly complimented each other.

Orsett Hall Tea Party: Scallops and Consomme

There was a certain eccentricity in the menu as it took you through the meals of the day. The scallops and consomme were served with the consomme in a little tea-cup. The scallops were light but juicy.

A Yoghurt Sorbet followed before the

Seared Loin of Local Venison. 

For a tasting menu, this was a meal in itself and is a testament to a generous menu at the Garden restaurant. The venison was complimented by glazed pear, walnut and juniper jus.

By the time, we got to the pre-dessert of rhubarb and custard we were bowled over by wonders of what we had been treated to. Chocolate and Salted Caramel Column was designed with popcorn, ice-cream and butterscotch

We have to admit that we didn’t get to the British Cheeses.

It can only be a matter of time before the Garden Restaurant at the Orsett Hall receives a Michelin Star. Like a number of restaurants, it is only a matter of time before people come down the A13 or the A128 to find out for themselves. Once the word spreads across the county and into London, this will be  go-to restaurant in Essex.

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