Sunday, April 2, 2023

Sunset over Thurrock: The work of Rob Lay

NOW, we are sure if you are sitting at the Orsett Cock roundabout wondering where those temporary traffic lights cam from, then you will not be extolling the virtues of the imminent sunset.

However, we wanted to use the beautiful sunsets to showcase the work of photographer, Rob Lay.

Rob is often out and about in the borough.

We asked Rob about his work.

Rob said: ” I enjoy being out in the open. There is so much to photograph around Thurrock. It is just knowing where to look and finding different places and the sunsets we have I think are out of this world.

It really started around five years ago. I broke my ankle and leg and was stuck in doors for six weeks.

In that time I managed to save up for my first proper camera. It was a Sony a200. I now use a Fuji film finepix hs28 exr.

“My favourite type of photography are landscape and wildlife.

My influences include my dad with his camera but also Linda Mccartney with her work with The Beatles.

“My ambition is to do this as a full time job around thurrock and also would love to go up the Shard in London.

“Think it would make a great photo shoot!


  1. I follow Rob on twitter, some great pictures of the sunsets and wildlife in the areas I used to live and work in! Well worth a follow!

  2. im so great full for this story yourthurrock really does mean a lot to me and 1890grays thank you as well and thank you for following on twitter more photos to come im shore.


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