Monday, February 26, 2024

More woe for Grays high street as Thameside theatre cafe set to close

IT WAS launched just four years ago but now a cafe employing disabled people may be forced to close because it has lost its funding.

Cafe4U in the Thameside complex was opened in October 2008. It was given £100,000 funds from the PCT as start up cash alone but it has struggled from the very start.

The cafe was severely hampered by its restricted opening hours (10.30-2.30).

However, there were many compliments for its food (especially the soup).

But it did provide fantastic training opportunities for people with learning difficulties.

A spokesman from the BATIAS board of trustees said: “We have been unable to secure further funding to fund the cafe project and support its overheads.

“Clearly this decision was not taken lightly as the trustees recognised the hard work that the BATIAS staff and volunteers have given in maintaining and developing the project.

“They are also appreciative of the PCT, Thurrock Council, Lloyds TSB Foundation and the local community for their support during the past three and a half years.

“Unfortunately even if funds were found at this late stage, the trustees would not look at keeping the café open beyond March 29 as key business planning would need to be undertaken to ensure its long term viability.”


  1. Even more woe if the report in this weeks Gazette report is correct,Wetherspoon the well known pub?restaurant chain were interested in turning the old magistrates court into a pub.According to Wetherspoon the councIl refused to discuss the possibility after approaching the council some 8 months ago! It now appears approval has been given by Councils Cabinet last month for conversion of the building for office use.

    If this is correct it just goes to show that all this talk of regenerating Grays is just that ,talk.and illustrates the short sightedness of those geniuses in New Road.


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