Sunday, May 19, 2024

Supernanny heading for Waterstones

SUPERNANNY Jo Frost will be signing her latest book at Waterstones in Lakeside on Friday.

Jo is the star of Channel 4’s Supernanny and Extreme Parental Guidance series which have become a god-send to parents with challenging children.

Jo will be at Waterstones on Friday, from 11am until 12.30pm to promote her book Jo Frost’s Toddler SOS.

The book focuses on the toddler years, which can test even the most patient and energetic of parents.

In this new book, Jo provides her invaluable advice on the hot-spots of toddler care and answers problems including tantrums, whining, potty-training, sleeping and mealtimes.

Jo is one of the UK’s leading childcare and baby experts and author of number one bestsellers Confident Baby Care and Confident Toddler Care.

In her new parenting guide, Jo will cover topics such as ‘How do I get my toddler to eat vegetables?’, ‘What do I do when my toddler has a tantrum in public?’ and ‘How do I teach my toddler to share?’.

Jo Frost’s Toddler SOS: Solutions for the Trying Toddler Years is published by Orion. It costs £16.99 for a hardback or £8.99 for an eBook.


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