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Fears of a gangland culture in Chafford Hundred

FEARS of a gangland culture growing in Chafford Hundred should be nipped in the bud by prompt police action says a local councillor.

The growing problem came to the fore at the weekend when a 19-year-old was stabbed after being confronted by a gang of five young men.

He was with a friend on Drake Road at around 9.15pm of Saturday when they were approached by the gang and one of them stabbed him in his side.

Following the attack, the gang ran off down the cycle path towards Chafford Hundred station.

One of the suspects has been described by police as a black six foot tall male, of skinny, muscular build and aged between 18 and 19 years old.

At the time of the attack, he was wearing grey skinny jeans with a pair of grey Nike Air Max trainers and a green Khaki camouflage parka-style jacket.

A second suspect has been described as a black 16-year-old male of skinny build with short hair, dressed in black jogging bottoms, a shiny black puffer coat which had a hood.

The other three gang members have been described by police as black males of a similar age.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident. Anyone with information is asked to call Grays CID on 101.

The stabbing of the man, who was released from hospital on Monday, was among the topics covered at a meeting of Chafford Community Forum on Tuesday evening, when ward councillor Tunde Ojetola was in attendance.

Residents spoke about the growing problem of drugs and gangs in the area, but Cllr Ojetola believes prompt police action will make a difference and says he has been assured by West Thurrock Neighbourhood Policing Inspector and Deputy District Commander Leigh Norris that the police “are on the case.”

Cllr Ojetola said: “There has been trouble with youths congregating around the station area; anti-social behaviour in various streets especially with fireworks; thieves breaking in and stealing jewellery, car keys; alleged drug dealing, etc. It’s high time we accepted that these issues exist and deal with them.

“I am pleased that the Police are now acting. They were in attendance at the Forum and I have been in contact with Insp Norris. I am assured that they aim to start a meeting and I have been in new operation to counter anti social behaviour in Chafford.

“This and the fact that Labour supported our proposal to keep funding for PCSOs means we are in a strong position to nip this in the bud.

“I got a timed gate installed in one street and have started a consultation to install it in another area; I’ve got cctv installed in alleys to deter youths from congregating there. C2C have guards at the station and the Tescos has their own security plans.

“We have now completed the youth park so the excuse of nothing for the youths to do isn’t correct. It even seems like most of them come from outside Chafford, as far away as London.”


  1. A quick look back over the archives of your thurrock will tell you that this will come as no surprise to most of the original Thurrock residents. If the truth be known this has been going on for some time in schools, colleges, In Grays and Tilbury and probably elsewhere. If you’ve got kids of a certain age, they’ll let you know what happens. I remember saying as far back as 2008 about gangs hanging around outside grays train station openly selling drugs. We’re talking about kids no older than 13 or 14 that had made the journey down from London and could be heard on the train on their mobiles arranging drug deals for when they got to Grays and beyond. It doesn’t take a genius to work it out.

  2. Unfortunately this is indicative of today’s society where youths lack even the basics of discipline, the crazy laws of the land do not allow punishment and these gangs know that so they get away with anything they want to.

    The police can only do so much, once these people are caught they are put in front of lunatic magistrates and judges who live in cloud cuckoo land and pass these people back into the community with a slapped wrist.

    These gangs parents have to shoulder a certain amount of the blame as they are obviously not disciplining their children correctly or bringing them up to show respect to others, I can envisage a day soon that vigilante groups start to reclaim the streets for law abiding citizens.


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