Monday, March 20, 2023

Council makes pledge on weeding out Thurrock’s “bad foster carers”

A VETERAN Thurrock councillor found herself locking horns with council officers over the standard of foster carers in Thurrock.

Blackshots councillor, Joy Redsell (Cons) was speaking at a meeting of the Corporate Parenting Group on March 7th.

The question of provision and activities for looked after children was being debated.

Cllr Redsell said: “It does depend on the foster carers. A lot of you do a great job but there are also a lot of you that perhaps don’t.”

The comments drew an audible gasp from the director of childrens services, Jo Olsson.

Cllr Redsell stood her ground and used as a reference point a TV programme where a millionaire who had been in foster care praised his carers and also pointed to the fact that it was continuity in care that was vital.

Cllr Redsell said: “I am not insinuating that foster carers are bad. You get bad parents as well..and some can be.”

At this point, chair and portfolio holder Oliver Gerrish interjected.

Cllr Gerrish said: “I don’t know if there is a slight misunderstanding here. The committee as a whole would feel that foster carers in Thurrock are fantastic. I don’t want the wrong message being communicated.”

Ms Olsson then detailed the process by which a foster carers would be de-registered.

She said: “Please don’t think for one second that this council would not take action if a foster carer was not meeting the requirements.”


  1. Perhaps we should change a few words uttered by the shameless Teflon Tory Cllr Redsell – and replace them with Conservative Councillor:

    “It does depend on the Conservative Councillor. A lot of you do a great job but there are also a lot of you that perhaps don’t.”

    “I am not insinuating that Conservative Councillors are bad. You get bad Conservative Councillors as well..and some can be……”

    A rotten apple soon spoils the rest of the barrel eventually.

  2. In my opinion Who is Cllr Redsell to comment on other peoples parenting skills this woman needs training and advice on parenting skills, her own daughter said her mother gave her the stolen picture as a gift from the council offices she had no idea it was stolen ( her daughter didn’t have access to the stolen picture but Joy did ) furthermore the police visited her daughters house and removed the stolen picture and returned it to the rightful owners Thurrock council, what kind of mother allows her own daughter who as two daughters and pregnant to be interviewed down at the police station For handling stolen goods waiting to see if she would be charged , this picture was of the gull lighthouse which Joy Redsell is obsessed with
    Reported on by YT
    The 64-year-old Little Thurrock councillor was interviewed by CID and reported for theft in October; a theft which was alleged to have occurred in 2007.
    A CPS spokesman said: “We will only authorise a charge if a case passes both the evidential and public interest tests, as set out in our Code for Crown Prosecutors.
    After a thorough review by senior lawyers, it was determined that the evidential test was not met, therefore we could not charge the accused.
    We are duty bound to only go ahead with a prosecution if there is a realistic prospect of conviction.
    However, in a dramatic twist, Essex Police has announced that they are going to submit an appeal against the decision.(in my opinion they wouldn’t of appealed if they thought she was innocent ?? and it was in the publics interest because of the position she holds this woman is meant to set standards not only to her own children, but other children in our community ) HOW DARE SHE judge others with her past antics please resign it clearly shows you are Incompetent as well has irresponsible with your comments , moreover you think your a good parent in my opinion-you wouldn’t know the understanding of a good parent

  3. Tell me what was wrong with the factual blog about redsell that was put on this blog explain on this blog or shut this site down I demand an answer everything that was said in blogs was factual deny that and blog back if that was not the case

  4. Comrade Kent has just stolen hundreds of thousands of pounds from the taxpayer of Thurrock. I don’t hear any condmenation of the Labour councillors from this. From what I can gather this picture was stolen in about 1938. Get over it. You’d go a long way to find any group of people that have damaged this country as much as the Labour party.

  5. Mike my blogs sometimes contain stories which you already have run on the Internet and are a matter of fact so if you could explain to me why in your ultimate wisdom have decided to exclude some blogs I would be very much interested in your explanation which I would like you to make public on your site for removing fact -based information freely available to anybody so if you would kindly explain your actions it would be most appreciated and I truly believe educational to the people who depend on your site for inside information into what is happening in Thurrock so I am politely asking you to explain yourself to me and the bloggers of your site for your reasons I do not believe this to be unreasonable please state your case

  6. Mike can you see from no voices comment what you are up against if you suppress the truth about redsell surely you can see my point

  7. Editors Comment
    We refer you to code of conduct which can be found on the About Us section of the newspaper.
    In this case. Keep to the point.
    This story is about foster carers/parenting etc.
    We reserve the right to remove comments if we feel it veers into a witch-hunt/show-trial.

  8. If I remember you run the story about John Cowell and the video so what’s the problem with the blog if we are talking truthfully and you can consider this a freedom of information request do you get any funding from Thurrock Council and if so how much and if that is the case how much freedom does that give you in the stories you upload

  9. So in that case Mike the story was about JOY REDSELL whats the problem the blog is about an alleged incident concerning her attacking a teenager with a Golf club that was reported to the local police

  10. And as a former police officer I would think you would take this on board as being acutely serious not a witchhunt because if the local police. Investigate this I would not think this is a witchhunt

  11. Okay, Mike lets stick to the story joy redsell has made a comment about Thurrock Council and the Foster carers that are involved with that process do you think this woman is qualified to make such a statement when it has been reported that this member chased a teenager I believe it was a girl outside her accommodation with a golf club and that the police were involved do think this woman should be involved with any talks about fostering childcare in the borough

    This story is about foster carers/parenting etc.
    We reserve the right to remove comments if we feel it veers into a witch-hunt/show-trial.

  12. As to your comment about whichhunts mike sometimes a story by you might start off as something completely different and devoid of any such intention but as it develops it might be considered by the guilty to be perceived as a witchhunt this is precisely why I am trying to make my point it doesn’t start that way but inevitably end up that way but you censoring information especially provable information that aids the guilty and is so easy for them to complain about it without comment this is my point

  13. Albert you clearly have a hatred of Councillor Redsell and only you will know the reasons why. Maybe she turned you down in the past. I and probably a lot of others don’t know a lot about the councillors at Thurrock. What most people actually want from Councillors is for them to do their job correctly and represent the people of this borough, which they don’t, as you can see from the stories on the Aveley development. Nobody is interested in your personal vendetta. I know a bit about Comrade Kent having been at the same school as him but I don’t run a personal vendetta against him, apart from his obvious failings’ in my view, of supporting the Labour party. I know a few other councillors, having worked at Thurrock council for a number of years when they were arranging their pension pay offs but I don’t bring that up. if there are bad foster carers in Thurrock, surely as a councillor she has the right to say something about it. Or are you another of the Labour breed that believes only the Labopur party can speak on matters like this becasue they are the only people that care about people. The rest of us hate humanity and want it exterminated. You sound like you wholeheartedly agree with gagging the media. The next step of Labours plan for full control and suppression of the truth. Bit like the communists in China. Don’t bang on about bias as you only have to turn on the TV to see the total bias in favour of Labour and the PC leftie brigade. Did you see the story ran on BBC on Wednesday about all the children in this country being starving orphans because of the evil Tories. A story eminating from Labours fund raising arm the TUC. Now there’s real bias. And later the author of the report admitted that it probably wasn’t true.

  14. So Mike the people who do not wish the stories to be reported on only have to say to you this is outside the parameters of this story and you have to censor the blog well to combat that Mike I suggest you pinpoint the guilty instead running stories loosely based upon individuals which you hope will be picked up and bloged about but obviously not too strongly of which I’m guilty but unfortunately you cannot have it both ways somebody is going to be the loser and when the loser is in the right it’s very irritating and frustrating when you put out your bait to entice a story and it obviously gets too much for the guilty to take

  15. Back to the original story.

    A pig ignorant ill informed councillor makes a sweeping statement on an issue she knows nothing about and used as evidence some comments on a TV programme she watched!

    This person votes on issues that affects all residents – lets hope she doesn’t base her other decisions and views on what she watched on TV the night before!

  16. I find it unbelievable that what gets people irate is a local councillor who probably isn’t a nice person and doesn’t do the right things. What a news flash. The country is going down the tubes. This country and the people that live here are no more than a bargaining chip for the politicians to use in Europe and this is what gets people excited. And politicians in this country wonder why they are an irrelevance. Get it into your head. You don’t matter any more. People will do without you. We will go around you. Only the brain dead and the sheep will follow you in the future. You will be finished.

  17. Here’s one for everyone to think about. The Cypriot government have just taken 10% of everyone’s money out of their bank accounts over the weekend on a national holiday. This was backed by the EU. How effective do you think our politicians are, regardless of their colour.

  18. Councillor has opinion – Ed gets upset. Don’t get yourself too worked up, Eddie boy!

    One imagines as a member of corporate parenting committee, Cllr Redsell might be well placed to comment on this. My only criticism of her would be that what she’s said doesn’t seem to be very… insightful.

    I mean, it’s obvious when you think about it:
    There are good parents and bad parents
    There are good foster parents and bad foster parents
    There are good councillors and bad councillors
    There are good YT comments and bad YT comments.

    Could we not debate the interesting bit here… Jo Olsson seems to have got to Head of Service level without that basic understanding. Socialist in disguise?

  19. That was the point of me asking for a FOI because I feel Mike could be accused of becoming a public funded organisation especially in regard of the Tories in Thurrock, and is funded to a certain degree by Thurrock Council whether it be through advertising or grant or subsidy call it what you like I’m sure if you e-mail Mike he would fill the blank spaces for you

  20. Albert, I think that you have a few mis-conceptions about Your Thurrock. I don’t need to email Mike to clarify any particular point you have raised. It’s sufficient to say that YT is not publicly funded (running advertisements for the council does not qualify) so an FOI request is not applicable. You are under the illusion that YT sides with the Tories, there have been many times when I would have said the opposite was true. As I have said on another thread, don’t confuse the comments on YT with the actual journalistic content, they are very different things.

  21. If Labour can’t be bothered to do anything newsworthy or issue any press releases is it any wonder the Conservatives dominate the news agenda on YourThurrock?

    And where are UKIP, the LibDems and the various independents who plan to stand in the next elections? What are your views on local issues???


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