Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Twitter storm as rail commuters face rush hour delay

THURROCK commuters vented their spleen on twitter as there were massive delays on the C2C line on Friday morning.

C2C announced that there were a number of overhead wiring problems on the line.

This meant that bus services had to be provided.

On a cold morning and with the pain of increased fares, many of the commuters went onto twitter to express their frustration.

@ahc72 said: “Can you blame us for being angry..this is shocking.”

@mrchrist said: “When is the next train to London via Purfleet? Surely there are only so many trains in a row you can cancel? #GoingToBeLateAgain.”

@abbypaint said: “What is going on, I’m sitting at purfleet at standstill I’m going to be late!!!”

Legendary tweeter @javelinsam chipped in to say he couldn’t contribute as C2C had blocked him!

C2C kept commuters informed as to what the situation was and any bus arrangements.

At 0800 hrs they tweeted: “Buses have been ordered to run between Barking-Pitsea via Rainham / Tilbury; and between Upminster-Grays via Ockendon.”


  1. Looks like I missed the problems this morning with my early train, C2C is one of the best operating services in the rail network, it really does get me when people start jumping up and down when there are cancellations/delays to the service, these happen so infrequently, if they commuted on some of the other rail operating companies then this sort of problem is a daily occurrence.

  2. My thoughts exactly Lambo. Try getting that train from Romford every morning and then you’ll realise how lucky we are to have C2C.

  3. I have to say in C2C defence i find they are very punctual !
    I know things can break down just like any machine as they do as any road gets potholes rails n cables can be damaged from vandals or theft.
    If you dont like it go and try and get better !


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