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Letters: Outrage at decision to give planning permission for Corringham market

Dear Editor,

I went to a Meeting at Thurrock Council Planning Chambers on 14th March 2013.

I need to express my surprise at the way Planning Permission was granted for a market to OMG.

I was present at the last meeting when it was unamiously agreed to turn down permission, three months later granted. The only difference being a reduction in stalls ie from 24 to 16.

I am baffled on the about turn in the Chambers.

Whilst the residents and Traders Association applied for Planning Permissioin for possible charity events, childrens activities, Christmas Market, Farmers Market which would have no impact on the Residents and Traders of Corringham Town Centre.

I was surprised that with the level of intelligence within the Chambers that 75% of the voting committee could not see this. The members of the Residents and Traders Association will organise all the events in their own time.

This is not a commercial business, just a group of everyday people that want to enhance the Community with special family events.

Where is the problem with this. Its not a MARKET. Corringham did not want a commercial Market.

As a layman I could understand what was going and once again I say why couldnt the Chambers.

As a resident of Corringham I feel totally let down and appalled in the handling of the granting permission to OMG. No one listened to the residents.

Lets hope that Thurrock Council do not rue the day they allowed a Market to ruin an already successful safe clean part of the Corringham and Stanford Community.

Kind regards

Pat Smith


  1. the Traders Association had their bluff called and they dont like it, we all know they had no intentions of holding its own market days and only did this to block the other market.
    “Corringham did not want a commercial Market”. ??? i take it you mean that the lady in the diy shop and the other one in the gift shop did not wish to have it.
    as the rest of corringham seems very happy to have the chance of having a market up there and i know many of my friends would be very unhappy that to speak for them when they love the idea of having a commercial Market.

  2. As far as I can see, the local shopkeepers don’t want a Market in Corringham, the residents that I have spoken with do not want a Market, so whoe DOES want the Market ???

    I trust that Thurrock Council will Marshall the Market and shut it down immediately if any goods or services mirror those already sold in the Town. !!

  3. then you have not spoken to many residents of stanford and Corringham, i am sure if you just ask the ones that live over the shops or the road facing the town there will be a lot that done like the idea. by try asking a few streets in and you will find most feel the market will save the town. lets not forget that the ones that did not wish to have a market are the ones that put in for their own market, the emails of support they ask for were sent in by the ones who did not wish to have the first market., move with the times or turn into a ghost town.

  4. The “Corringham Outdoor Market” facebook page has several hundred likes, and dozens of welcomming comments from people who, based on their facebook accounts, live nearby.

  5. and there 3000 members of the Stanford and corringham facebook page and i would say that 90% on there are for having Corringham Outdoor Market hold their market.


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