Monday, March 4, 2024

New Crossing for Southend Road

A SAFER roads plan for Stanford has been welcomed by the Conservative Councillors. After a year of campaigning, local Conservatives have secured money for a speed activated sign and a new zebra crossing on Southend Road.

Southend Road has long been a concern to residents, with a council speed survey showing some drivers travelled at over 70mph. The road is also used by residents crossing for public buses and school/college buses. Additional road markings and a flashing speed sign have already been installed and the new crossing will complete the works.

Conservative Councillor Pauline Tolson for Homesteads ward said “We have been campaigning on residents’ behalf about Southend Road for some time. About a year ago we secured funding for signs to help cut speeding, this crossing will now provide a safe place for many local residents, including schoolchildren, to cross. In such an economically tough time, it’s great to see we can still deliver these important community projects”.

Homesteads Councillor James Halden said “We have also been working hard to make sure that any idea of speed bumps gets blocked. These bumps would only serve to penalise local residents and ultimately force traffic down the avenues and onto Branksome Avenue. This is unacceptable and thus I’m pleased that Stanford will remain free from this “passing the buck” scheme”.

Stanford East and Corringham Town councillor Phil Anderson added “we completed a survey of residents opinions nearly two years ago, and it’s great to see the changes finally being made. We still need drivers to be responsible for their speed, but with these new measures they now really have no excuse.”


  1. I have tried to contact Phil Anderson over the last year to talk about southend road, the problem is with the car parking on the side of the road, this almost most makes it one way at times.


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