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CCTV car launched to clamp down on primary school parkers

THURROCK Council is launching its six-month trial of a CCTV car-parking vehicle in April.

Although the vehicle will concentrate on policing parking around school entrances at start and finish times, it will also deal with other parking contraventions.

Cllr Angie Gaywood, portfolio holder for public protection, said: “Children’s safety is our main concern and using the car as a school safety vehicle is imperative.

“Dangerous parking near schools – and particularly primary schools – is difficult for foot patrols to counter, as the driver is usually with the vehicle and can drive away before any penalty charge notice is attached or handed to the driver.”

She added: “By using the vehicle, the penalty charge notices will be served by post to the owners of vehicles committing the parking offences – backed up by using video evidence.”

And Cllr Simon Wootton – opposition shadow for public protection, added: “Experience from other authorities seems to show increased enforcement like this will also help improve drivers’ compliance of parking restrictions outside schools.

“And that will mean safer schools – who can argue against that?”

When it is not being used to improve school safety, the vehicle will be used to enforce the commercial vehicle controlled parking zones in Thurrock which in turn will help improve the environment, as well as the safety of Civil Enforcement Officers, especially at night.

It will also be used to improve the safety and efficient movement of traffic by enforcing parking regulations at bus stops, taxi ranks and in sections of the highway where both waiting and loading is prohibited.

Cllr Gaywood added: “We’ll be keeping a close eye on the vehicle’s effectiveness and performance throughout the six months.

“That will means we’ll be able to make an informed decision about its future at that point.”


  1. Another cash cow for TBC, ok it wil lhel pstop those ignorant drivers amongsat us who think the road is for them

    In another local authority area a friend of mine with a Blue Badge noticed his car being filmed parked in a side road on yellow lines but close to the clininc his disablewd wife was attending, he went out and the guy responded, “you are parked illegally”, my friend pointed to the dash board and told him he has a blue badge, the guyt told him “to place it in a more prominent position”, he responded “don’t you get out and check vehicles”, “its not my job I just film parking offenders”, my friend again responded, “but i am not offending, I am parked within the agreed perameters of my blue badge”.

    Probably as it was raining the guy didn’t fancy geting wet, but whilst my friend was talking to him through the window, he fiddled with the camera located the blue badge and drove off without making any furthewr comments.

    So for me, its a case of getting around the borough and picturing as many situations as they can, ok it may be self funding to a point, but when it goes legal and appeals are taken to court, who picks up the bill for TBC legal staff (US?).

    Its more big brother, when those currently employed do little more than drive pasts, I have seen a TBC enforcer down Dock Road Tilbury when I was visiting a car lot, outside picturing a couple of vehicles parked on a single yellow line, when I moved back into Tilbury noted double parking, parking on zig-zags near Tesco and other bits like this when the enforcer drove past to a local cafe.

  2. There 1st run should be along Orsett Road and catch all the Estate agents and other shop owners who drive up on the pavements and parked outside their shops fully on the pavements.

  3. More spin from Gaywood. This car will drive around the borough all day dishing out penalty fines left right and center to raise revenue for the council. Parking outside primary schools will just be a small part of ts activities. Less spin and tell the truth. Will Gaywood reveal what results the trial scheme – did this show the car could potentially dish out hundreds of fines every day raking in a small fortune for the council?

    Strange how Labour opposed the idea of spy cars when the Conservatives proposed their introduction. No doubt such a fat cash cow for council coffers soon changes ones mind!

  4. Having had a part time job taking and collecting kids from school in a minibus all I can say is it’s about time some form of prevention and punishment is handed out.Stfford Primary Parker Road,parents parking on the mini roundabout partially blocking the entrance gates etc etc,prevented me from going on to the next school.Quarry Hill parents parking on yellow lines both sides allowing only 1 vehicle each way access.Stifford Clays school read the same.St Thomas school Ward Avenue could only be described as carnage.Selfish parents only interested in themelves no concern for other drivers or indeed children who have to run the gauntlet of inconsiderate parking.

    What amazes me is that one assumes to attend these schools you must live in the catchment area which would suppose is within walking distance.The situation is multiplied if it’s raining, note to parents if your kids get wet it won’t result in hospitalisation!


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