Monday, May 27, 2024

Blood on the carpet at Harris Primary in Chafford

THE HARRIS Federation has a reputation for demanding high standards. Lord Harris of Peckham, is known to turn up with five minutes notice, to see how his schools are performing.

So, you can only guess at his reaction when Ofsted published their monitoring report on the Mayflower Road school.

The report stated: “They (staff) do not set their sights high enough and remain too accepting of weak teaching. They do not routinely check that staff implement the new policies agreed to improve the quality of teaching. For example, in some classrooms the teachers’ spelling and handwriting are incorrect in pupils’ exercise books and on the white board.”

“The leadership is not yet dynamic or proactive enough in ensuring that all staff make the required changes to improve the quality of teaching. This means that pupils are not yet on track to reach the highest standards or to make the progress of which they are capable.”

And so it looks like the Federation are ringing the changes. First out the door are a number of governors.

Chair of governors and local councillor, Tunde Ojetola announced on twitter that he was stepping down.

Cllr Ojetola had stepped into the breach, three years ago, after a large number of governors had quit.

YT understands that at least four other governors have also left the school.

Last month, the headteacher, Mike Lovett also announced his departure.



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