Sunday, April 2, 2023

March blitz sees 919 fewer potholes in Thurrock

THERE may be 4000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire (google it), but there are 919 fewer potholes in Thurrock

In February, the council voted for an extra £50,000 to be spent on fixing potholes across the borough.

Speaking after March’s council meeting (27 March), Cllr John Kent said: “At February’s Budget meeting I asked council to agree spending an extra £50,000 in March to target the alarming number of potholes appearing in our roads.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. We were promised at least 500 and I have been told that we filled 919 up until the end of play on Tuesday.

“I think 1,000 in the month might be expecting a bit too much, but I also believe everyone has seen an improvement.

“There are still potholes appearing, but as we said in February, that’s a national problem and down to the weather. The weather’s not improved, so it is not surprising that new holes are appearing.

“This is something the council will be keeping an eye on, but we should recognise that good work has been done.”


  1. So once again Thurrock council didn’t spend it’s budget. They’ve run out of places to put roundabouts and road humps so they had todo something people wanted for a change. Coupled with the fact that it’s election time next year and the great leader wants to keep his salary.

  2. Sometimes fixing potholes is a false economy when the entire stretch of road needs to be resurfaced and in the long term would work out cheaper that patching up holes for years to come.


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