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New Dartford Crossing: “Not on our land” says Thurrock Council

Thurrock Council Leader, Cllr John Kent, has called on all councillors and local people to prepare for a fight against a third Thames crossing in the borough.

Speaking at Wednesday (27 March) evening’s meeting of the council, he said: ”It was back in November that this council unanimously agreed: ‘Thurrock Council welcomes the Government’s intention to move to Free Flow Tolling for the Purfleet to Dartford Crossing as this will significantly reduce congestion at the crossing.

“To further cut congestion Thurrock Council calls on Government to bring forward improvements to the A13 / M25 junction and remains opposed to any new crossing in Thurrock.’”

Cllr Kent went on: “Now it is time to start acting on that motion. We have the support of local business people and the local media and we want the support of everyone who lives or works in our borough.

“We want people to let us know what they think of the government plans.”

He said the consultation was scheduled for May or June this year and that in the detail of last week’s Budget statement the government claimed “it intends construction work on the crossing to begin in this financial year, 2013 to 2014”.

Cllr Kent said: “If that is correct – and somehow I doubt the government can work that quickly – it means its consultation is a sham. It has to be, it can be nothing else.

“I have this week written to the Chief Executive of the Highways Agency asking for clarification.

“Whatever the answer, there will be a consultation this summer. This council has made its unanimous view known. No new crossing in Thurrock – or to put it another way, no new motorways either, because whatever option for a crossing is chosen, it will mean new motorways.

“What we are saying is simple. No new crossing. No new motorways, but instead hasten free-flow tolling, or better still remove the tolls altogether, and spend enough money now on improving Junction 30 to remove the threat of congestion such as that which occurred on Monday morning.

“Do that and it will release significant new capacity at the existing crossings – and it’s cheaper too.”

Cllr Kent went on to describe what are thought to be the government’s proposals for a crossing.

He said: “Option A suggests another crossing over or under the river close to the current one. We all know what happens on a motorway when the number of lanes is reduced, the M25 jams up. Unless this scheme includes extra lanes on both sides of the river to match the total number of the crossing all we are doing is creating a new pinch-point and guaranteeing more jams!

“Option B is worrying as it will mean the new motorway passing through Grays Beach Park and thundering between the docks, ASDA Tilbury and the Thurrock Park estate. Then it joins up with the Dock Approach Road funnelling all the traffic up to the A13, then turn west, again guaranteeing more jams but now from two directions, catching the borough in a vast pincer movement.

“Then there is Option C. This is a really good one! Crossing the river between Tilbury and Coalhouse Fort two of the borough’s top attractions; it then sweeps through the green belt between East and West Tilbury on one side and Chadwell on the other, before crossing the A13 at the Orsett Cock and heading north of Orsett and south of Bulphan to rejoin the M25 north of Ockendon.

“We say Option D – none of the above and we want the people of Thurrock to let us know that they agree.

“We need to be ready for the government consultation in the summer so our voice is not drowned out. We need to persuade government that there are better and cheaper ways forward – and quicker ones too.

“We know the area, we know the problems, they should listen to our solutions.”


  1. So the great leader is worried about building on green belt land is he. When I’ve managed to start breathing again after laughing so much I’ll then consider his other point that he wants the public of Thurrock’s views on the matter. Why is that? So he can have something in the toilet just in case he runs out of loo paper.

  2. LONDON GATEWAY PORT introducing 1000’s of HGV’s to THURROCK roads 24/7 post 2013….NO contingency (operation stack ) for adverse weather port delays….A2>>KENT>>M25<>A13>>GRIDLOCK….


    Greater Thurrock region…60.000 new homes planed……GRIDLOCK

    Option A (and) Option C ….desperately needed

  3. Cllr Kent went on: “Now it is time to start acting on that motion. We have the support of local business people and the local media and we want the support of everyone who lives or works in our borough.
    Well Well we want the support of everyone who lives or works in our borough.
    Rats spit Mr Kent you want people to get behind you and show what they feel if I new crossing is to be built if that is the case it shows you to be the biggest hypocrite liar in Thurrock I’ll explain why 2000 people in West Thurrock signed a petition against the lorry Park in Oliver Road your own member presented this petition what did you do Mr Kent I will tell you and your colleagues proceeded to include this same site into the focus core strategy changes in November last year not only is the site described as a site of great scientific and ecological significance it’s against the wishes of 2000 west Thurrock residents so perhaps you should explain yourself and your absurd comments to those people I personally believe you have definitely lost the plot

  4. Dear mr Kent
    Perhaps you could explain to me and others precisely your take on getting the media and the people behind you and that if they do what you can do because you have proved in one foul swoop to the people of west thurrock that what you mean is absolutely and precisely nothing and I think what you have done in Oliver road will reflect on the member of that ward when leaflets are produced at voting time you cannot make comments such as you have done in this story and have anybody in thurrock not condemn you for your total lack of inaction as for the localism bill have you even read it, quite obviously not. I think personally you should step down before you are pushed, I think personally you are skating on thin ice my pedigree chum and the people of west thurrock will be waiting underneath when it breaks, if you have one ounce of integrity you should explain yourself to these residents your actions to these residents or go as I have mentioned before your not just talking about one person mr Kent your talking to two thousand people who you have and you cannot deny it sold out, so I suggest next time you go to the toilet mr Kent you should read the localism bill even though it hasn’t got pictures to help you out John ,to read it instead of using it as toilet paper which you quite obviously perceive it to be and understand it at the very least you should comment and fully explain your self to the former labor voting residents of west thurrock I am disgusted

  5. So Mr Kent wants local people the media and businesses in Thurrock to get involved in this instance. I personally thought that’s what happened or supposed to happen in all major decisions of this kind obviously not it has become blatantly obvious to everyone from the blogs about this is not the case or is it only brought into play when Mr Kent predetermines himself and then wants people to get involved in things he does not want. Mr Kent you cannot have it both ways and it is rather apparent that you are disingenuous and I believe somebody should step up to the plate at full Council and ask you how on earth you have gone against the wishes of 2000 people in West Thurrock and then make this ludicrous suggestion that people should be involved in your wishes, because had you put proper thought into this and listen to the residents of West Thurrock basically they do not want any more lorries entering the Borough through their ward and Mr Kent doesn’t want vehicles of any kind entering Thurrock by bridge or tunnel so basically the same thinking except for Mr Kent obviously does not give a toss about the residents of West Thurrock this is undeniable I think Mr Kent, people have had a gut full of you and I now think a comment from yourself is well overdue to the people West Thurrock to explain yourself fully to them and explain your double standards quite personally I would embrace an alternative route across the river to relieve the pressure in West Thurrock and then residents in other wards would be able to comprehend what we have to put up with 24 seven. It is a complete no-brainer take the tolls away from the bridge and tunnel, congestion gone the only thing to causes congestion at the crossing are the tolls by not bringing this to the forefront of your argument with the Department of Transport is beyond me and why they should suggest another crossing is the answer why not have a trial period let’s say of one month and then do the numbers I think you would find the congestion problem at crossing would be alleviated simple at the very least try and see if it works what have you got to lose a small piece of revenue for the government but a less costly option of a new crossing, back to the story it is really time for you to go you have no friends in West Thurrock and they have no confidence in you all of which you have earned by your deviousness and utter disregard for their feelings or opinion and so unless you can go into a phone box and change into the blue suit red boots and cape like your namesake and make it up to the residents of West Thurrock it is definitely time to go sooner the better

  6. Dear Gray shirt lifter Bernhard chickenfeed rocket westfish NoVoice colin barnes The Contrarian NoVoice hot press jinksbella and ED I would like to think that we have different points of view and that I must come across as pure Labour up to this point, I would thank you for coming across with your views but in this issue I must take sides with you right is right and wrong is wrong Mr Kent is not the person to be leader of Thurrock Council he is a blatant liar sell-out and hypocrite, I think you know I am not a privately educated person but I try my best and I feel I make some interesting points what excuse as Mr Kent got when you let down residents from the best part of the entire ward you have no excuse and no way back so I must side with the opposition in this concern when you are caught out lying to your own constituents and residents what is the point in carrying on once your own turn on you what chance have you got I think Mr Kent will find out very soon and obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg the Titanic is on its way I think there is a true saying everybody gets what they deserve Mr Kent he is going to reap the whirlwind deservedly so for he’s betrayal of the residents of West Thurrock and unfortunately the member of this ward he has lied consistently to the people of West Thurrock and the Jig is up the reason for this would be his comments in the statement of getting the media and businesses and the people behind him about the deposing a proposed new crossing into Thurrock which he is upset about he is one person and not 2000 if you can ignore 2000 people and still tried to convince people about your view as one person you are wrong democratically and I think deranged but like all politicians he as become so far up himself that he forgets that it is the people on polling day that put them where they are people do not forget obviously John has we will see when we vote people have long memories John perhaps you think not but there is always someone to remind them 2000 of them see you polling day I was going to say something derogatory about you but feel no need to do that you do it all yourself 2000 times over

  7. The great leaders problem is that he is a career, all be it miniscule, politician. Since his printing job in his early years after leaving school he’s done nothing but jump on every publicly funded gravy train that’s passed his way. That’s how he now makes his living and he will do all he can to hang on to it. That includes looking like a complete and utter shister and laughing stock when he opens his mouth. If he loses his job next year he’ll be selling dodgy watches out of the inside of his coat. I’m still waiting for the outcome of the Labour party’s investigation of Comrade Kiely. This seems to be bigger and longer than the Iraq inquiry and the mystery surrounding Jack the Ripper put together. I hear Lord Levesonj even turned it down becasue it’s far too complex an issue.

  8. Whatever you might think about Cllr Kent, in this case he’s absolutely correct.
    Thurrock must try and fight a new river crossing here, although its probably a done deal because of the planned giant amusement park in Kent opposite.
    Thurrock already has one of the highest air pollution records in Europe, and that’s without the new port to be opened.
    Don’t we care about our Grandchildren’s health in the future?
    Shame on us if we don’t try to change the plans!

  9. Kent is a hypocrite. He actively promotes plans to build on greenbelt land and then comes out with the above comments. It is he and his party that wants to turn Thurrock into the London Borough of Thurrock. The fabulous road scheme in Grays should tell people that they are not concerned about pollution. Building another crossing to Kent would make Kent more accessible. People may decide that they might like to live in Kent rather than the overcrowded dump that the Labour party have turned Thurrock into.

  10. Review existing options first. Also look at potential volumes of traffic flow from / to new port. If volumes of traffic are likely to come from new Port then logically a tunnel / bridge near there would be the way forward if Medway Towns /Kent and Kent Coastal Traffic require it with links to EuroStar and Euro Tunnel. More Data please for all to review.


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