Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Questions raised over delays at Elizabeth Gardens

A SENIOR Tory councillor questioned why a flagship retirement apartments are 33 weeks behind schedule.

Elizabeth Gardens in Long Lane, Stifford Clays was the site of a former care home (Elizabeth House)

The new site has 65 one-and two-bedroom retirement apartments. The site is also set to include a restaurant and care facilities developed in partnership with developers Hanover.

Tory councillor, Joy Redsell posed the question to portfolio holder, cllr Barbara Rice.

Cllr Rice said: “Yes the development is behind schedule. Many of the reasons are to do with design.

Asked if Labour had any regrets over the decision to sell Elizabeth House. Cllr Rice said: “No”


  1. Does Cllr Joy Redell have a clue exactly what she voted for when she was a Cabinet Member running Thurrock Council?

    It is with breathtaking hypocrisy that Cllr Redsell dares questions the delays and the selling off of Elizabeth House.

    Cllr Redsell voted for Elizabeth House to close with no idea what was to happen to the building.

    Cllr Redsell voted to demolish Elizabeth House with no plans on what was to replace it.

    Cllr Redsell was a Cabinet member running the council when the site of Elizabeth House sat empty for years while dithering delayed any potential development.

    Cllr Redsell was a Cabinet member of Thurrock’s Council when the tendering process was cocked up and had to be run again causing yet more delays

    Cllr Redsell voted to sell off the site for an extra care housing development.

    Does Cllr Joy Redsell have a clue on exactly what she voted for regarding Elizabeth House when she was part of the Conservative Cabinet that ran Thurrock Council and can’t she recall the very long delays and inaction in getting anything done on the site in the first place.

    And Cllr Rice why didn’t you remind Cllr Redsell of her own appalling record of inaction and delay regarding Elizabeth House and that it was the Conservatives when they ran Thurrock Council, when Cllr Joy Redsell was a member of the controlling Cabinet that voted to close, demolish and sell off the site in the first place!

  2. Regardless of what she did or didn’t do when in office it’s still a perfectly valid question to answer after all 33 weeks is very long delay.

  3. Wasn’t it redsell who along with the rest of the conservative group who wanted to close Thurrock education college and grays beech ?. At least the current council leaders are attempting to keep things open for the elderly, vulnerable and young. From what I have passed read about redsell on this website is all she seems to be bothered about is a bit of rusty old junk from the ship wreck at grays sea wall and being involed with questionable meetings ?.

  4. Another amazing Labour cock up off you go Comrade Kent find a nice little hole to crawl into and count your 30 pieces of silver


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