Tories tell Labour: “Do your homework” over pay policy shambles

THE THURROCK CONSERVATIVE group told a senior Labour councillor to “Do his homework” as the meeting of the full council had to be halted over a pay policy agreement for Thurrock Council officers.

The item on the agenda asked the councillors to agree a policy over officers pay; to approve a living wage; to agree an implementation of a 1% cost of living increase for certain pay scales and to confirm no pay increase for senior officers.

But Conservative leader, Phil Anderson rose to his feet and questioned the process.

Cllr Anderson said: “There is so much information missing. There appears to be no impact assessment on living wage pay. No impact assessment on the effects of recently announced increases to personal tax allowances.No indication of costs to the council of implementing proposed 1% cost of living increases for certain pay scales.

Portfolio holder for regeneration, cllr Andy Smith appeared to have no answer to the fierce criticism but was saved (for now) by a suggestion that the meeting be adjourned for ten minutes while the matter was sorted out.

In the end it was agreed that the council would bring back the item to a future meeting with all the missing information provided for a “properly informed decision” to be made.

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