Friday, March 24, 2023

Blogpost: Law to protect Emos and Goths welcomed in Thurrock

By Matt Hill

“WE hear in the news that Greater Manchester Police will now recognise attacks on Goths, Emo, Metallers and people of sub or alternative cultures as a hate crime. This news is much welcomed across both the alternative and hopefully much wider community.

Any violence aimed at any person or particular group is terrible but to target individuals because of religion, race, sexual orientation or because the way they look is abhorrent and to have this recognised officially as a hate crime is a positive step forward.

Today’s decision has to be accredited in some way to the ‘SOPHIE Lancaster Foundation’

Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend were both brutally beaten by a gang of thugs in Lancashire in 2007, Sophie died later in hospital as a result of her injuries, reason for the attack was attributed to nothing more than her and her partner ‘Rob’ dressing in a ‘gothic’ style.

These tragic events inspired Sophie’s mother Sylvia to set up The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, today we see some of the results of the foundations work in Manchester.

This decision by the Greater Manchester Police now needs to be rolled out by Police constabularies countrywide as this particular crime is not limited to just Manchester.

Indeed some areas have a greater alternative community/culture than others and although not it is not huge in Thurrock it certainly is ever present as it is in Stanford Le Hope albeit it in a very small way.

We are a borough of many cultures, religions & different lifestyles and if today’s news brings us one step forward to living in a more cohesive and accepting society it is good news indeed.

Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred & Intolerance Everywhere.



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