Monday, December 4, 2023

Stop parking on the pavements demands blind campaigner Sue

LAST WEEK, YT attended the Thurrock Sensory Day at the Thurrock Adult Community College. We interviewed a number of participants and will put the news item up on Tuesday.

But whilst we were there, we spoke to Sue Rowen from Essex Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Sue spoke of her frustration at the number of people that park their cars on the pavement.

One area where this has caused concern is Grays. Some people have questioned why this parking appears to go unchecked?

It is clearly a problem for people with specific needs.

It used to be a case of a police officer and/or traffic warden issuing a ticket.

It seems to be the case now that, this is no longer done.

The law in question is the Highways Act, 1835. But in Sue’s case, it could also come under disability law discrimination, if the relevant authorities permit it to happen.

Sue appears to have made a valid point and it is something, YT will pick up, especially as the council now have their especially adapted vehicle.


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